“At first I thought it may be because she’s struggling”

There’s so much going on in P1s life and I find it difficult to stay on board with it all. The other two take up so much of my time that I guilty sort of forget. I forget that she’s not an average little girl.

This year has already seen some changes for P1 at school. They’ve started swimming lessons again. That alone is massive. Swimming has never and most likely will never be her strong point. She’s hyper mobile with very weak legs. As a “normal” person you take for granted these little things like swimming. Her hyper mobility also effects her strength in her hands and she really struggles to do buttons or poppers.

I used to forget, get frustrated and annoyed when she got dressed or wouldn’t walk fast enough. It’s been a slow process for me to understand things. I guess I just thought she’d get better as she aged. The physiotherapist do not want to see her as often anymore. Every 6months. They’ve said that P1 hasn’t improved at all but the good thing was that she hadn’t deteriorated either. I think this was my smack in the face.


This is P1. This is how she’s made. She’s going to be slower. She will need help undoing buttons or pressing poppers. She may never swim unaided or ride a bike without stabilisers. She might always be two heads shorter than her peers – just like her mummy. That is P1. Our P1. What we need to do is support her and allow for this.

The school have been fabulous. She’s been receiving a set of physio-like activities during school hours called BEAM. Then today, she started her 4 times a week for 12 week set of Early Literacy Support sessions. At first I thought it may be because she’s struggling, but I’m not 100% that this is the case. We believe she’s maybe slacking due to lack of concentration which was talked about in the meeting we had with her teacher.

Tonight, we sat and we caught up on some homework. P1 read her book to me. This was the first time in ages that we’ve been able to sit undisturbed. It was nice. I do forget just how wonderful this girl is sometimes. I’m really looking forward to our one-to-one (oh and my Grandad too) time this Sunday.


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  1. I’ve thought P1 is quite small in previous posts. Literacy intervention this early is great – a lot of the kids I teach were missed at primary school and have to go through more at secondary. Hopefully you can get her issues resolved so that she’s caught up ASAP.

    Lizzie Dripping

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