Special Needs Diary #3 – A Soft Play Party

Dear Diary,

We went to a softplay party. P1 was invited and we are making more of an effort to get to all of the parties she’s invited to. Even rescheduling sleepovers with their grandparents so that P1 is able to attend.

This particular party my MiL was able to take the girls and I there which I am eternally grateful for as we were a bit stuck with no car. Luckily, P1 was totally excited about the party and I hadn’t needed to do any of the usual pre planning because her class mates had done it for me.

I think nearly the whole of P1s class was there. She played with her best friend for a little while and then she seemed to trail off a bit and played with her little sisters. She does this. She’ll just wander off to be alone. But I was really proud of her anyway.

Although it probably would have made me happier to see her interacting with children her own age, something she struggles with, I saw a grown up side to her at the party. For the first time ever she didn’t run away from her sisters especially P3.

She helped her baby sister to get around the play area. Carrying her over obstacles and generally just being very supportive. It was really heart warming to see as this never happens when we are out. Most of the time she is oblivious to the people around her, including her sisters.

That day was a very good autism day. She seemed to be in our world for the first time in a long time. I kept telling her how proud I was that she was being so kind to her sisters and she was acting so grown up. Unfortunately the very next day was our more difficult day and this is what I mean by every day is a new different day.

Love from a proud Mummy x

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  1. It’s lovely that she had a good day, isn’t it the best feeling when you can just sit back and watch them be themselves.. It’s lovely that she took the time to help her siblings too! x

  2. She sounds like an absolute doll and you must be so proud. It must be so hard on the more difficult days but these better days must give you a boost. You’re a great mama 🙂 x

  3. How lovely. Having those good days must mean so much for you all.

  4. Glad she had a good time. I have a love hate relationship with soft play but it is worth it to see my daughter enjoying herself.

  5. These soft play centres look like so much fun!

  6. Aw thats so lovely that she played with her sister and had a good time. xx

  7. isn’t it great when you see them just ‘being’? Enjoying themselves and just ‘being’. love it

  8. Aww how sweet my son loves soft play sounds like she had a lovely time

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