Special Needs Diary #9 – Homework

Dear Diary,

I have huge concerns about P1s education. She doesn’t seem wired academically like I was. I always enjoyed school I think apart from the bullying and being picked on for being small. I did relatively well at learning when I wasn’t talking to my friends.

But P1 is falling behind. Key Stage 2 is naturally harder than what she’s used to but after receiving her first bit of homework I am beginning to realise just how much harder it’s going to be. There are expectations for each pupil to reach and I know that P1 will not reach them.


I know that sounds mean and this probably has nothing to do with her potentially having autism. It may just be her. The way she was made. But the autistic side that we see of her, the ignoring demands and lack of focus, means that at home I am struggling. The school know this from last year but I don’t see how they are helping yet.

P1 refuses to do homework and if she isn’t point blank refusing, then she’s giving a million excuses or wriggling about in her chair. She doesn’t focus. She doesn’t enjoy it. Then I end up getting frustrated too because there’s deadlines to meet. Most days I end up giving in to her behaviour because when she isn’t in the mood she ends up doing the homework wrong or her letters are back to front.

From the information given to us with her first bit of homework, P1 is expected to know different groups of spellings each week. I remember doing this at school too and I loved spelling and am pretty good at it now. But P1 is struggling. She writes things as they sound and doesn’t seem to take in anything I try to explain to her. She still frequently draws letters back to front.

I’m panicking for her. I am panicking for me. I don’t want her to grow older and not know how to spell or write clearly. It doesn’t feel like it’s early days anymore. She’s a Junior school pupil and is heading towards secondary school at a rapid pace. I probably need to calm down but I just don’t know how to support her learning at home when she puts up such a fight.

From a tired Mummy x


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  1. Homework is a logistical nightmare and we struggle with it with our son too (he is on the spectrum). Try to keep it to so long each day and make sure it becomes part of the routine.

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