BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon Review

I can’t believe that my youngest baby is now two years old. The time has flown by. I was really stuck this year trying to figure out what to buy a two year old who has everything she could need from her two bigger sisters. I’ve done a two year olds birthday twice before but yet P3 is always so incredibly difficult to buy for. I was pretty thankful to receive the BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon just in time for her birthday.


I unwrapped the Interactive Wonderland Dragon before her birthday and had a quick play with it myself. I like to remove packaging for the kids before I wrap so that it’s easier for them to play with toys immediately without the stress of fiddly bits whilst hands are grabbing in all directions.

The BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon is suitable from ages two plus so this was perfect for my now two year old P3. It comes with the main Dragon, a baby Dragon with an egg and a wand. There is also a handy instruction leaflet which surprisingly I did need to read.

The Wonderland Dragon is battery powered. When you press her ear the eyes light up and she makes cute little Dragon noises. When you gently tap the wand over the star shape on her forehead, the dragon will begin to walk forwards whilst making noises. I have created a little video below to showcase the moving. To stop her moving you gently tap again or press her ear.


You can put the baby Dragon inside its egg and then insert it just under his tail (Hubby instantly said “why do all the girls toys poop something?”). To get the Dragon to lay its egg you simply lift up the tail gently and out it pops. I think it’s a super cute addition to the already pretty amazing toy.

Unlike most noisy toys, I don’t find this one annoying in the slightest. I think it’s a super cute idea and makes a wonderful pet or friend for the BABY Born dolls. All the girls love the BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon and I love that P3 is able to operate the dragon with no help at all. A huge bonus to help promote independent play and develop her imagination.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Value For Money


Such a cute little toy that is interactive and moves.

User Rating: 3.08 ( 2 votes)

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  1. Aww! That is just adorable.
    hehehe. Your hubby is right. Why do toys always have to poop something. lol

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