Splashing Around With BABY Born My First Swim Girl

My youngest daughter has a big obsession with dolls. I genuinely thought that she may outgrow this phase as she got older but her love is stronger than ever. At times I feel like I’m being followed by eyes, we have that many lying around the house!

The latest in her collection arrived a few weeks ago, the BABY Born My First Swim Girl. I was pretty excited about this one as she can play with the doll in water. This joins Elsa’s other passion for water play with her dolls. A perfect combination.

The Swim Girl was much smaller than I expected but in a positive way. Sometimes BABY Born dolls can be quite large, having the smaller size doll for a bathtub or paddling pool. The Swim Girl is 30 cm in length so a wonderful size.

As you can see our paddling pool is a big bit pathetic! But it served its purpose for our initial try out of the BABY Born My First Swim Girl. Elsa was so excited as I’d told her it would be arriving any day. 

The BABY Born My First Swim Girl’s body is made from a waterproof material. She does soak up water inside which comes straight back out. This amused Elsa a lot but I do wonder if this will cause some mould to form inside over time, but only time will tell on that one.

I love that her swimming costume and swim hat cannot be removed. Does anyone else get a bit fed up of taking doll clothes on and off? The Swim Girl’s clothing is moulded on and is super cute.

This doll doesn’t require any batteries to operate. She can front crawl and butterfly by winding her arms backwards a few times then letting go. This worked better when Elsa took her in the bath with her compared to our shallow paddling pool. She swims forwards with ease in the deeper water.

Elsa utterly adores her BABY Born My First Swim Girl and it’s one of the only official bath time toys that she has. For once a children’s toy doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is only £17.99! The perfect companion.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. The doll was gifted.

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