Baby Nose-Clear Vapour Oil, Vapour Ring, Inhaler Dummy, Deep Freeze Patches & Deep Heat Review

It’s the cold/flu season and thankfully we’ve been sent some wonderful products to aid us through these cold, snotty months.DSC_0162P2 seems to suffer a lot when she catches the cold virus, she gets very bad sniffles and really struggles to breathe. The most recent of which we were so worried because she kept getting blocked up and choking on her own phlegm which caused her a lot of distress. We ended up having her in bed with us for two nights just to make sure she didn’t choke and vomit in her sleep!DSC_0163The first product we tried out was the NEW Baby nose-clear Vapour Ring. Inside the packet was three sealed sachets containing one vapour ring to fit over most wide neck bottles. They smelled gorgeous, reminded me of many colds I had when I took one of my Grandad’s hankies to school that was covered in a decongestant rub. It already made my breathing clearer and I don’t even have a cold!!
DSC_0164However, I’m clearly doing something wrong as the ring wouldn’t fit over any of my bottles that we own, including the Tommee Tippee that the packaging suggests it will fit.
DSC_0165The idea of this product is fantastic though. I have gone on a look out for bottles that will fit the ring because I know this would be very handy. Each vapour ring is reusable up to 24 times which is fantastic because for three rings it will cost £6.99.


The next products we tested was the Baby nose-clear Inhaler Dummy and the Baby nose-clear Room Vapour.


DSC_0170The room vapour has a really unique smell, and the tiniest drop clears your airways within seconds! It makes breathing so refreshing. It can be used on a number of different ways; inside a room humidifier, adding a few drops to a warm bowl of water in your baby’s room, on a damp cloth over the radiator on cold winter nights or with the Inhaler Dummy.DSC_0166 The inhaler dummy features a little chamber at the back. You add 1 or 2 drops of room vapour on the white padded area and close it up. When dummy is in use, it’s in the perfect place to reach baby’s airways and clear those blocked sinuses.
It is suitable from the age of 3 months. The dummy is not made for prolonged use which is probably why the teat is quite small compared to other dummies. P2 struggled to get the hang of the smaller dummy at first but for the time it was in it really helped to clear her sinuses and her sniffling was eased.
DSC_0172I think I’m quite lucky that I haven’t had to use the Deep Freeze Cold Patch yet. I have done some research into them and they are such a fantastic idea. We always used to rush for the frozen peas or cold flannel when P1 falls over, and considering she has hyper mobility it probably won’t be long until we’ll be using the patches for an injury. The name of them are a little misleading, I expected to have to put them in the freezer but you actually can’t and shouldn’t freeze or refridgerate them. So they’ve been popped into my changing bag and one in my handbag ready and waiting for injuries… That sounds a little pessimistic doesn’t it…
DSC_0173These, however, have been used. My hubby suffers with back pain caused by a motorbike accident before I met him. Recently it’s been flagging up a lot more and with a lot more pain than before too. I blame this on the extensive kids-play he does with the girls, swinging P1 upside down and chasing her around… Anyway, on a bad day we’ve actually whipped one of these out. You can only use the patch once, it’s adhesive and heats within 5 minutes. My hubby said that they did help to ease the pain. They are not that expensive actually considering that they do work! £5ish area for 4 patches.

(These products were sent free of charge. However, all opinions are of my own)

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