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I was sent a special baby blanket from Baby Rug this week. I was uber excited to get using it. The weather has been really wonderful so this week we have been quite busy, giving me ample time to test the product out

null_zps87f15ae6I was a bit concerned that the fleece type material would be too hot for P2 to wear whilst it was 19degrees outside, and I kept checking her, but it was actually keeping her the perfect temperature. Usually she comes out of the carseat all hot and sweaty! Not when she wore the Bug In A Rug baby blanket.


She’s been everywhere with me wearing it now, even to the circus!

It’s easy to use; you slide baby’s feet and legs into the leg part of the blanket, then wrap the “wings” around baby using the velcro pads. You can have arms in or out. It reminded me a lot like a baby towel and P2 looked utterly adorable!


I haven’t quite got the hang of fastening her into the carseat wearing it, she looks a bit squished?!

I love this blanket though, it means we don’t have to faff about shoving blankets on her each time we get her in and out whilst being outdoors.

I have washed the blanket once and it kept it’s colour and quality. It is fleece though so I’m slightly concerned that the fabric may go bumpy after lots of washes, but she’ll probably be in the next size up by then!
null_zpse881ecd4You can purchase one of these yourself, in a range of colours, from Baby Rug themselves.

(This product was sent by Baby Rug for the purpose of this review, all opinions are of my own)


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Handy baby blanket for travel and babywearing.

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