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We are about 3 weeks in on our food weaning journey. I originally wanted to do baby led with the odd bit of purée. But things haven’t quite gone that way.

Well, I suppose that it has been baby led in a way. P2 doesn’t seem to be able to pick food up and get it into her mouth. I bet a lot of you are now thinking “she’s not ready for weaning then” but she can quite happily manoeuvre a toy or her dummy in and out of her mouth with no issues. So purée food has become the major source of her food now.

We’ve been giving her HIPP jars for the last week and a bit. She now has half a jar in the morning and half a jar in the evening. Everything’s been going well until yesterday, when P2s straining reminded me that I couldn’t remember the last time she’d gone for a poop. I’d assumed she’d been when I was in hospital, but it turned out she hadn’t.

The poor little sod struggled for hours which resulted in just a tiny amount. Then today she struggled and struggled all day. Finally this afternoon she emptied everything!!

I felt so terrible for her. I haven’t been giving her any extra water or juice with her weaning, it’s literally been boobie and purée. But I’ve noticed that she’s not feeding as much now, she’s pretty much dropped a night feed and she’s feeding about 5/6 times during the day! Less than half of what she used to.

I’m definitely not used to this breastfeeding weaning situation.

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  1. Hanneke Legerstee

    Why do you give jars? I think it’s healthier to cook something yourself and then puree. Also, my LO was the same, I still put a variety of things in front of her and when she picked something up I then picked a small bit of the same food up and put it into her mouth. This way she had control over what she wanted to eat even though she couldn’t put it into her mouth herself. She is now 7.5 mo and started putting the food in her mouth herself this week. Also, they don’t have to eat much as “food before one is just for fun”.
    Foods we started with were bits of banana, advocado, green beans, carrot, sweet potatoe, fish.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I give jars because I don’t have a very varied diet myself and I do not have the time or money to be buying extra stuff and cooking it separately unfortunately. If I did, I would be cooking and freezing stuff.

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