Baby Wearing – Review 7

I’ve grown to learn that P2 is a baby who just loves mummy snuggles. This isn’t such a bad thing as an overall… But it’s becoming difficult with the life we have. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to just sit around anymore and cuddle. That upsets me. But P1 needs her mummy too and there’s housework that needs to be done.

So what does one do?! Well I researched a lot of baby carriers and slings. I used to have a backpack one for P1 but it was so awkward to use on my own that I just didn’t use it! This time I was looking for one that I had the option to breastfeed in, one that didn’t have to be tied left right and center, one that was lightweight and I just couldn’t find anything that ticked my boxes. Until I found the Close Parent Caboo Carrier. So off I trotted to Kiddicare to purchase my sling.

I’m completely and utterly in love with it. Ok the instructions definitely could be a little clearer or maybe I’m just stupid?! But other than that so far I can’t fault it. I can put the sling on and position P2 all on my own. Until I’ve had more practice I’ll do the positioning in the mirror.


There is a lot of extra fabric that hangs down but that may be more extra because I’m very small as a person (4ft 8in). P2 feels very safe inside the carrier. I have only tried the upright position so far and need to get a grips with the nursing position next.

P2 seemed to approve the test drive of it. We’ll be tackling some day to day activities tomorrow.

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  1. My daughter LOVED being close, too and for the first few weeks I just sat on the couch with her in my lap. Then I found the Moby…similar to yours and we finally started getting stuff done. It also helps when we go out cause she doesn’t really like the stroller for long periods of time.

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