Babybjorn Baby Carrier We Review

As you may have noticed, we’ve been testing out a few baby carriers. I’m desperate to find one that really works for me. The fifth carrier to enter our lives is the Babybjorn Baby Carrier We.


My initial thoughts of the We was that it is quite manly. It also looked quite bulky and heavy. To be honest I wasn’t overly wrong.

The Baby Carrier We is put on by pulling the straps over your head like a jumper. It’s quite deceiving as to me it looked like a rucksack time carrier. There are so many adjustable parts of the We which makes it excellent for fitting different shapes and sizes.

babybjorn wear

The carrier is suitable from birth to approx, three years. It has a clever little zip on the inside which means you don’t need any extra “newborn” inserts that I’ve seen some carriers need. The head support is also adjustable.

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The carrier can be worn on the back for older children. We had a real struggle following the instructions and I certainly wouldn’t trust getting into this position by myself as it was very fiddly.

I’m going to be honest, P3 doesn’t like being in this carrier at all. She just can’t settle and I do wonder if it’s due to how supported it is, which obviously isn’t a bad thing for hip and back development. On the other hand, P2 loves being in this. She found it hilarious.

I love the way the carrier keeps baby in a fixed position. It is very simple to get baby/child into it and it’s even easier to adjust to fit comfortably. I do find this carrier quite awkward to use in the winter. I can’t comfortably wear this under my coat or over my coat. I think this carrier would be perfect for summer walks, over quick shopping trips or winter outings.

The We Carrier costs £84.99 which I do think is rather expensive. You can buy it from Amazon.


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Excellent baby carrier for long walks outside. A little tricky to put on.

User Rating: 3.6 ( 1 votes)

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