Babymoov Changing Bag Launch #MyBagMyStyle

I always feel so nervous when I travel to London even when I have Hubby there to guide and protect me. Yesterday was no different despite my excitement. P3 and I had been invited to London by the Babymoov team to get a peek at the brand new changing bags and watch the live fashion show be broadcasted from Paris.

The journey was actually much easier than I expected. Just one train to London Charing Cross and a 15 minute walk through Trafalgar Square. I actually really enjoyed seeing all the street performers and the strange floating people. I got a little bit lost I have to admit and walked slightly too far and my Google Maps started shouting at me from my pocket. Eventually and thankfully I made it just on time and bumping into Laura from Mum of 5 Staying Sane.

babymoov play

On arrival we were gifted a little makeup type bag and given the press booklet (which I seem to have left behind – ooops!) I immediately found a familiar face of a blogger I’ve followed for a while but have never met, Laura from Mummy’s Zone. I find it so strange how you can meet a complete stranger yet know so much about each other just by reading their blog.

babymoov changing bags

Anyway, we were able to get a real look at all the beautiful new changing bags from Babymoov. It was really nice to be able to touch, explore and learn about all the different changing bags. There’s 7 new styles of changing bag so I’ll certainly be shocked if something doesn’t appeal to you. There are the following bags: Glober Changing bag, Changing Bag City, Glitter Changing bag, Traveller Changing bag, Essential Changing Bag, Messenger Changing Bag and the Style Changing bag. Each bag comes in a variety of different colours/patterns. So in total there are 29 different bags!

P3 was busy trying to hold hands with the gorgeous Toby from Budding Smiles whilst I watched the live broadcasting of the Changing Bag Fashion Show on comfortable sofas surrounded by lovely ladies, nibbles and a drink. We then had a further opportunity to really explore the bags inside and out. One thing I really realised about every single one of the new bags was that they are literally like the Tardis. Even the smaller bags are enormous inside!

changing bags babymoov

Each bag also comes with its own little changing pack; a wet bag, a changing mat, a soother holder and a bottle holder that’s insulated.

I was allowed to pick my bag for my style to review and I was seriously torn. I adore the look of the Glitter Changing Bag as it’s the very closest in appearance to a regular handbag, however, when held against me it was far too big for my tiny stature. So the real contenders for me was either a City or a Style Changing Bag. In the end I chose the Style Changing Bag in Cherry as I loved it’s girliness without being too out there. I will be reviewing it separately as many people have already asked me about it and I want to give it full exposure.

The journey home was much easier as I knew where I was going at this point and had plenty of time to walk back to the station. I took a few photos of Trafalgar Square on my phone and took in just how crazy London is. All the different types of people, the strange floating people and the statues real and fake. It was really quite a sight.

What do you look for in a changing bag? Are you someone who would want a backpack? A handbag? A conventional all singing and all dancing changing bag?


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  1. Ooh they look fab! Really clever idea to have all the different types x

  2. Oh I’m so jealous you got to go – I have major bag envy! Looks like a brilliant event 🙂 Mim x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It was great to see them up close and personal. I could really find out what one suited me best

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