Back To School Dramas Sorted With Kickers!

Our beloved older daughter kindly reminded us a few days ago, with less than a week left until school begins, that her current school shoes were too tight for her. We’d been so consumed by the fact P2 was starting big school for the first time that we’d neglected the fact we had another one who was going up a year. I know, I know, bad parent alert. So obviously we needed to sort this issue rapidly before everywhere went out of stock.

We usually shop in a well known shoe shop but I am getting so bored of the same old stuff being on the shelves and fancied a change for my newly Year 4 daughter. So we decided to try the brand Kickers. I actually didn’t realise that Kickers did school shoes. I always imagine those cute little boots that are brilliant for ankle support. But actually Kickers have a whole range of school footwear.

There’s a really good choice of shoe options for girls, and boys, and we did have a struggle with choosing the perfect pair for our very fussy child. I swayed her towards the more plain grown up options. She ended up choosing the Kariko T-Strap Infant shoe. They arrived wrapped up in tissue paper in a simple Kickers shoe box. These were listed as being lightweight, hard wearing and with secure fastenings for a perfect fit.

The size 12 that we ordered fitted her with a tiny bit of extra space for growth. This for me is always a must, I obviously don’t want them falling off of her but shoes are so expensive for children that I want them to last the maximum amount of time. These Kariko T-Strap Infant shoes are only £25! The shoes have a simple design and are plain black patent leather.

They look similar to plimsolls with hard wearing soles and grips. Having the grips was really important to me as P1 is hyper mobile and frequently falls over so I wanted a reliable shoe especially with the approaching winter months. The shoes are exactly what they say they are, they are lightweight which hopefully means that P1 won’t need to make so much effort to lift her feet.

P1 was really pleased that they are easy to fasten and she can get the exact fit that she wants. This is something she is extremely fussy with. I’m really pleased with the overall quality of the Kickers school shoes and am excited to see just how hard wearing the soles are. I am also interested to see if the cushion foam on the underfoot allows P1 to be comfortable all school day long.

There’s still time to order your shoes for back to school, or you can pop in to a local store. There are so many across the UK that are either Kickers shops or stock Kickers shoes. So don’t worry if you’re in a situation where you find your child has only just told you they need new shoes for school.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I love how P1 has become a little model for these pictures haha. Those shoes are so cute too.

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