Back To School With Smiggle Stationery

I normally hate the school holidays and wish for them to go quicker but I definitely wish they had been longer this year. We have spent so many days creating memories that will last forever as I took far too many photos. We are now back at school and at some point my eldest daughter became a Key Stage 2 student and entered her first year as a Junior. This is also the first year where they are expected to take their own stationery.


I used to love my stationery when I was younger. Picking out my pencil case and what special items I would pop into it was always exciting for me. Whilst at intu Lakeside the other week I noticed a stationery shop, I was drawn in by all the colour and brightness. The shop was called Smiggle and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before so it would come to no surprise when I tell you how excited I was to be asked to review some products from their range.


We were gifted four very beautiful items from their range. The Groovy Hardtop Pencil Case, Glow Mini Snake Puzzle, Yums Scented Eraser Tubs and a Scented Gel Pen Pack of 30.  They all arrived in a really cute plastic bag that was fastened with a red ribbon. The bag has the logo on it with the really cute phrase “where a smile meets a giggle” which instantly made me smile. It took a lot of restraint for me to not hide these delightful items and keep them for myself, but with P1 going through huge schooling changes this year I thought that she definitely deserves something special.


The pencil case is brilliant quality. It has a hardback design with raised fruit pictures on the front. Inside has several compartments to store all the stationery you could need during the school day. The gel pens come in a handy case to keep them all organised, and there’s a mix of gel, glitter, neon and pastel smiggle pens. I really adore the little Yums Scented Eraser Tubs. They look like little tiny fast food items inside a really cute mini lunchbox and they really do smell delicious! The little Glow Snake Puzzle was really interesting, I can imagine this being a fun little toy to play with during snack time but could potentially be a distraction during class so we’ve kept that at home for now.


I spent my child free weekend sticking name labels that I made myself, to all of her stationery items. I then wrapped up her new pencil case and gave it to her this morning, the first day back at school. Her little face seemed delighted. I hope that this helps her to feel like she fits in a little better as she’s been having some problems with that lately. I adore Smiggle as a brand now and although their products are a little pricey, I will definitely be looking here first for new stationery items as I love how bright and fluorescent they all are!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Value For Money

So Colourful!

Smiggle is a bright brand with great quality stationery items for children and adults alike.

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  1. Annastacia Magwilu

    Hi am from Nairobi, Kenya and my daughter is crazy about your smiggle scented gel pens and pink fluffy bags. How can I get them shipped to Kenya?

  2. It’s nice & all but you can get very similar items SO much cheaper! Smiggle is all about the branding; selling people an idea rather than a quality product, & all the kids at school seem to have been drawn in.. :/

  3. Ohh! Fab! We love everything from Smiggle. We’re off to our local one at the weekend. My teen wants to spend her birthday money. 😀

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