Back To School With Start-Rite Pussycat Bow School Shoes Review

Every single morning we have a battle with P1 about putting her school shoes on. I believe it’s partly the autism side of her that is to blame and we do manage to get her to wear her shoes eventually. Start-rite Shoes gave us the chance to review a pair of their school shoes which had changeable charms. I was really excited to see if this may help to make P1 more enthusiastic about putting her shoes on each morning, She had two pairs to chooses from, a Princess or a Cat and P1 chose the Pussycat Bow ones in a pretty patent black colour.


The Pussycat Bow Black Patent Girls Riptape School Shoes cost £45 to buy which is the average sort of price for school shoes these days. They feature a really cute bow on the front plus two cat charms and a bow on each strap. The insoles are super soft and squidgy which is great for my hypermobile daughter. I did find that although they are advertised as being light weight, they do feel quite clumpy which could be a bit of an issue for P1 as she struggles to keep her legs facing forward as it is without added weight to her feet. However, these shoes feature scuff resistant toes which come up quite high on the front which I actually think is really handy for any child, but especially P1 who drags her feet.


The Start-rite website has a handy measuring section where you can either buy a special sizing gauge, use a click n fit system with photos or just print off the paper version. You then type in the measurements online and they automatically give you the size you will need to purchase. This is super easy to use and really handy which will save you time having to rush out to the shops for new shoes. Everything can be done from your own home. P1s new shoes are slightly too big which was the point because she’s only recently got new ones and I really wanted her to have some for when she grows. However, they look super smart and I love the shiny effect. P1 cannot wait to change up her charms and personalise her shoe look each morning which is excellent news!


If you have an Apple or an Android device then you can download the Startoons App. Specific school shoes come with a cute little disc which you can take a snap of which unlocks a world full of fun. You can create a cute character and watch them sing and dance which of course has the added appeal to children. P1 has really enjoyed doing her one and I think it’s a great way to make the process of buying new shoes even more fun for kids. Start-rite Shoes have definitely thought of everything. Their shoes are comfy, fun and stylish too.

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Value For Money

Comfy and stylish shoes

These are super cute and super durable school shoes. They feature lovely changeable charms and have breathable insoles.

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