Back To School After The Christmas Holidays

I can’t quite figure out if the Christmas holidays went quickly or slowly. With the household being poorly pretty much the majority of the holidays, the days seemed to roll into one and it was over within a blink of the eye. On the other hand, it seems like forever since it was Christmas.

I want to be more organised this year. With that in mind I packed her three bags last night. We had an early start with a 1.6mile walk ahead of us so I wanted to be prepared for once instead of rushing around like a headless chicken. I thought I’d be ready to push P1 out the door by now. But I wasn’t.

We have had a pretty good holiday when you peel away the illness side of it. P1 has been so well behaved and I’ve relied on her for a play mate for her sister and for helping to watch the baby when I go for a wee. She’s helped shake the bottles, fold clothes and so much more and not because I’ve forced her to like slave labour or anything, she’s wanted to!

start of school

P1 was smiling as she carried her three bags into class. I felt proud as I’d expected tears. I felt completely motivated yesterday. All the fresh air of the over 3mile walk I did had clearly done me the world of good. I went to Tesco to grab some essentials and when I got home I didn’t stop.


I washed up, cleaned, hoovered, cooked P2 her lunch of wedges, sausages and beans. Then I washed up again. Tidied toys, fed P3, then tidied various areas of downstairs. I began cooking again at about 3pm as we had my MiL round for a three bird roast. I was on my feet all day except going for the loo, feeding P3 or having my own dinner.

It was refreshing. It was exhausting.

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  1. MyLifeAsAMummy (@MyLifeAsAMummyx)

    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks that Christmas went fast!

    I also wish I had your energy too!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    What a busy day.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Wow you are a great multi tasker and full of beans

  4. I wish I had some of your energy! lol
    It sounds like the going back to school has gone really well!

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