Back To School With Moj Moj

I’m still playing catch up from all of the adventures we had during the summer holidays. It seemed to zoom past. Before I knew it I was waving goodbye to a Year 5 and a Year 1 at school.

As you go up through school things get harder, obviously, and this year is quite important for P1. Things up the notch a little bit and they become the role models for the younger years. It’s the last year to prepare for SATS too. I was really excited to receive a backpack of surprise goodies from Moj Moj to help get her excited for school. I mean look at her little face!

Moj Moj are yet another blind bag craze that kids are getting so excited for. All three of my girls beg me each time we go shopping to pick them up a blind bag. They were very happy to find a pack each inside the backpack of goodies.

There are over 95 Moj Moj characters to collect that are divided into different groups to collect or themes; Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers Day Dreamers and Sun Bathers. The packets remind me of ice lollies actually and each one comes with 2 Moj Moj characters.

The characters are really squishy and soft. They have a sort of tacky feel to them that makes them different to other squishy collectables. You can buy the Moj Moj packets for £3.99.

I thought I’d give you a quick look at the other cute things. Personally I’ve got my eyes on the stunning sparkly water bottle. They were given; gel pens, a beautiful wooden unicorn ruler, the dreaded alarm clock, unicorn erasers and a brilliant cone of sweets!

This school year is going to present some big changes for both these two cherubs. It was a great idea of Moj Moj to included a sheet that the girls could write their dreams on. Having fun with friends came top obviously. What would be your dreams for this school year?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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