Back To School With Smiggle

Back to school is literally just around the corner for us now. There’s a matter of days to get everything together; uniform, new shoes, coats and stationery sorted. The girls were really excited to receive a huge bundle of Smiggle stationery and back to school essentials when we returned from our holiday.

We had actually popped into our local Smiggle store for a wander around recently. The Smiggle store smells absolutely divine and all of the colours are just magnificent. The girls loved it and spent a long time picking out various items they wanted. Realistically it’s only P1 that needs proper stationery items but P2 and P3 needed rucksacks for preschool and reception year too. 

Smiggle products are really affordable and I love how modern they are. They move away from boring standard pencil cases and accessories, and really bring the stationery experience to life. Loads of the range are scented too which I think is incredible. 

P1 adored the little wallets which will be perfect for school trips and her Brownie outings. They have Velcro fastenings and plenty of space. P2 loved the character backpack. All their rucksacks have plenty of space for school books, pencil cases, water bottle pockets and padded straps.

I was very grateful to receive three water bottles. We never seem to have a water bottle when we need it. P3 really enjoyed her one. It’s easy to clean and holds so much water!

Personally I was amazed at how many pens and pencils you can fit inside the hard pencil cases. P1 has been using a Smiggle pencil case since Year 1 and hasn’t needed a new one. They are really durable.

When we visited the store I loved seeing all the different shaped pens, rubbers and rulers. Everything is online too which is brilliant. You can even get personalised items too!

I think I am still in slight denial that school is only a few days away. I would highly recommend taking a trip to a local Smiggle store for the full sensory experience or you can still order online. There’s so much to choose from. Are you all ready for Back To School?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I love how cute these are – love the colour scheme especially.

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