Bad Dreams And A 4 Year Old

Ever had a dream that’s really scared you? Wakes you up in a sweat and you don’t know what to do with yourself incase the dream comes true. I’ve had many!!

We were just settling down to bed at nearly midnight. When I thought I heard the pitter patter of footsteps. Footsteps too light to be my brother but too heavy to be the cat.

Our bedroom is downstairs and my daughters is upstairs – not ideal but we had to fit in where there was space.

Anyway, back to the point, the footsteps. Then our door handle started to open. I rushed to the door and there standing half asleep and wobbly was P1. Very upset talking about a “twirly whirly slide” that mummy went down. A bad dream.

Without a seconds thought I picked her up, snuggled her down into bed with my OH and went to find a story to read. P1 had something I rarely have and desperately need when waking up from a nightmare – distraction and support.

We read “Little Miss Brainy” and talked about the dream she had. I then put her to bed but it took me several attempts to reassure her that everything was ok and that she needs to go to sleep now.

How do you cope when your little one has a bad dream? I honestly believe I did the right thing by snuggling and reading a story.

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