Baking A Halloween Spooky Sports Day Story

I’m all in for a seasonal bake. It’s much more fun than a seasonal craft and weirdly less mess in our case. Although admittedly they do more baking with my Mum than they do with me.

As it’s Halloween season, we decided to take part in the Halloween Story bake that Betty Crocker is currently running over on their website. Here’s how it went and how you can take part too. (This is not a sponsored post by the way!)

We created the Spooky Sports Day and for that you will need:

  1. Devil’s Food Cake Mix
  2. 3 eggs
  3. 120ml Vegetable oil
  4. 230ml Water
  5. Orange, green and purple food colouring
  6. Black writing icing
  7. Velvety vanilla buttercream
  8. Edible eyes
  9. Smarties
  10. 24 Cupcake cases – Halloween ones are great, you can pick them up cheaply in somewhere like Poundland or the ones we got were in Sainsbury’s

When you use a cake mix, especially with children, it is so much quicker and easier. The girls took it in turns to empty out the contents and add the required ingredients to the mixing bowl. We obviously had some bickering between the girls on who’s turn it was but they enjoyed having equal involvement.

We worked out that the cake mix should make 24 cupcakes so technically the girls could of had 8 cupcakes each. We settled for 3 to make things easier and let’s be honest children lose interest quickly. You bake the cakes for about 15 minutes (follow the packet for guidelines).

Next up is the icing. The fun part. The creative part. As we were following the Spooky Sports Day recipe, there are two designs to make – a monster (in two colours) and a mummy. We divided the pot of velvety buttercream into four bowls – orange, purple, green and left the fourth to be white.

They used the icing to carefully create fun monsters and mummies. Even my Mum and Grandad got involved in the decorating. It was actually a really lovely bonding moment for us all I think. It was surprising to see that none of the girls lost interest in the icing step. They decorated with edible eyes and black writing icing as smiles.

I crumbled up a few of the cakes with the help of P1 to create the sports day track (it was about 4 or 5 of the cupcakes actually). You can use anything you like as the base, a chopping board, piece of card or the kitchen worktop. We went for a thin chopping board. I then piped two lines of icing for the edging so that P2 and P3 could stick the smarties on to make a decorative border. I then had the task of icing the “FINISH” line, not a simple task for someone who doesn’t regularly use a piping bag!

How do you think we did?! I literally adore this little bake. I’m not going to lie, it took a very long time to create especially with three humans involved but we all had a really good time doing it. I know it’s now passed Halloween but I reckon you could use this concept to create other themed stories too. Like birthdays or Easter. I can’t wait!

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  1. Those cup cakes look fantastic. I have joined a lot of soooky parties and find my it the cakes are all having chocolate ingredients. Sometimes i make some cakes using different fruits, some dried fruit, that got very tasty as well.

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