Baking Cake Pops At Google HQ

This blog post has been a little while in the making this specific day happened back in October 2018 and I’m only just getting the chance to complete it. Sorry!

I bet you can imagine the girlies faces when I told them we were heading to London on a train to go to the Google Head Quarters. They were pretty excited about our adventure. We had been invited along for a kitchen session to explore the Google Nest Hub and that’s all we knew about the adventure ahead.

We decided to do our whole journey by train. We usually drive to the main train station and park but as we were travelling on a weekday the car park would have cost a fortune. We had a short walk, one little teeny train journey followed by the main forty minute one, then the exciting adventure on the underground.

It dawned on me when the girls started asking lots of questions that they’d never actually been on the underground before, or at least not a trip they remembered well.

Elsa specifically looked very nervous as she hid her face in her Daddy’s arms. London is one of the only places that makes me extremely anxious. I hope it doesn’t transfer to the kids but I do find myself clinging on to them so tightly, getting a bit panicky if they stray too far from the pushchair.

We had arrived early for our session at Google so we made a quick trip into McDonald’s, obviously, and had some lunch outside St Pancras/Kings Cross train station. The hustle and bustle of London was fascinating the girls and they enjoyed the pigeons weirdly.

Walking into Google HQ was a thing of dreams. It’s amazing! There are so many floors that all go around a central area and all the windows have little pixel characters on which the girls enjoyed pointing out whilst we waited to be taken to the very top floor!

It turned out that our kitchen session was a chance to have the Google Nest Hub help us bake Halloween Cake Pops. I have no idea why we didn’t realise we’d be getting stuck in ourselves. Hubby’s face was a picture, he’s not one for baking but was up for the challenge.

As I am sure many of you are already aware, seeing as it launched in October 2018, the Google Nest Hub is a smart little display that acts as a photo frame, recipe holder, music and video player, control your connected home and so much more all from one display. Hubby (being the tech geek he is) was the most excited to get to grips with it.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how equipped the Google HQ kitchen is and how jealous I am! 

The wonderful team at Google set us the task of using the Google Nest Hub to help us bake some cake pops. They showed us where to find the ingredients and set us loose in their kitchen. 

We now have a Google Nest Hub Max in all of our downstairs rooms and a Google Nest Mini in our bedrooms. We use them every single day to turn on/off our lights, to play music or read us bedtime stories. The girls enjoy asking it to tell them a joke too.

I use our kitchen Google Nest Hub is brilliant for showing me recipes. I ask it to show me a recipe of choice and then the Google assistant talks me through the step by step instructions. We got to grips rather quickly in the Google HQ Kitchen and had lots of fun creating cake pops. This was the first time I’d ever made cake pops so it was all rather exciting.

Whilst we waited for them to cool in the giant-sized fridge, the girls were able to watch YouTube videos on the Google Nest Hub. This delighted Freya who regularly gets iPad ban times due to overusing it.

She now sneakily watches something as she makes her breakfast! I think Freya is the one who uses the Google Nest Hub and Mini’s the most. At bedtime, she likes to listen to music and she also uses it to help her with homework sometimes.

Our cake pops turned out… edible. Nothing like the pictures we had been following but with three small children doing the baking, I’m pretty impressed with the outcome. We was sent home with a few boxes of them and headed back to the train.

We had such a wonderful experience at Google HQ. It was a super excited day and very eye-opening to the company itself. As I said, we use our Google devices every day and would be lost without them. 

Disclosure: I was not asked to write this post following our time with Google, however, some products mentioned were gifted to us.

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