Banana Legs

I’m really missing the ease of uploading from my phone. Since I’ve become self hosted my WordPress App hasn’t been allowing me to post photos, so I’ve lost enthusiasm for the app and am only posting when I get a chance to steal my Mum’s laptop or load up my OHs computer. So I apologise for the lack of posts, as I’m sure your Readers are rather empty without me!



P1 had physio this at midday. We’ve been attending physio sessions for just over two years I think, and very slowly she is making improvements. My daughter has Hypermobility which basically means she is extra flexible as all the bits around her joints aren’t as tight as “normal” people.

The problems she has will never get better, but they will improve. With physio sessions, challenging obstacles (like indoor soft play, stairs, jumping, trampolining etc) her muscles will get stronger and therefore it will help her joints. She’ll always be flexible and always have extra movement in her hips and legs.

I can’t lie and say it won’t change her lifestyle. I know it will, she walks with her feet facing inwards quite often and trips over easily. She’s unsteady when she’s tired and sometimes, after a long day or a long walk will complain that her legs hurt. It’s horrible to watch because I can’t pick her up, she’s too big for me, I’m only 4 foot 8 inches tall. This is the main reason we wanted her to attend a smaller school. It’s less walking!

Last time we went to physio it was the last of a 6 week block. Today was a check up after about 6 months. We don’t have to go again for another 4 months which is great. It means improvement and stronger legs since the last time which is the best we can hope for.

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