Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll Review

We’ve been having a bit of a difficult week with P1. It always happens after she’s been away for a weekend so when we received the Barbie Rainbow Makeover Hair Doll I was debating about whether she really deserved it. I’m glad I did give in though as it was also the day that her first ever tooth fell out which she hadn’t told us until after she was playing.


We are beginning to get an extensive Barbie collection here, however, the Rainbow Makeover Hair doll is slightly different to the others. She comes with a brush, hair accessories and what looks like hair straightener tool that is loaded with colour which is refillable. Her outfit is also very stylish.

The hair tool allows you to colour your Barbie’s hair. It is washable and therefore allows your child to recreate their designs over and over again. P1 had such a good time playing hairdresser. She needed quite a bit of assistance as you have to press quite hard to get the colours to come out on to the Barbie’s hair, this may just be due to P1s fine motor skills.

barbie rainbow hair

The Barbie is designed for aged 5+ and I completely agree with that age as the inky hair dye was easy to get everywhere despite it being restricted to pads. P2 got quite upset when we told her she couldn’t have a go.

It costs roughly £23 to buy which I think is an extremely reasonable price as Barbie’s seem so expensive these days.


Value for Money

A really imaginative creative doll!

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I think for an extra Barbie – £23 is a great price.

    Lizzie Dripping

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