Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups Review

The latest Barbie movie to hit our screens is Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure. Barbie stars as herself along side her sisters and their pet puppies. My girls love Barbie but they love animals, specifically dogs for P2, much more. Put these together and this film is set to be a huge hit with P1 and P2.

barbie spin n ride pups

We were sent one of the sets from the movie, the Barbie Spin ‘n Ride Pups, and P1 was super excited about it. Literally jumping up and down in my face excited. I was bombarded by demands to open it for them, with itching hands trying to grab things as I was undoing them. It was a little suffocating but totally cute.

I do love how the Barbie toys are getting easier to open, no twisting and snipping needed which to me is excellent. There’s a Barbie, two dogs, the bicycle and two skateboards included. I also love how they’ve created a helmet for Barbie too to promote safety for children at a young age.

barbie spin and ride

You can connect the skateboards for the dogs to the bike. As you push the bicycle along the pedals move round and Barbie’s legs move too making the toy extremely realistic and great for imaginative play. The smaller dog’s skateboard also moves back and forth as it goes along. It’s worth mentioning that Barbie cannot stand alone as her legs very wobbly and bend in the appropriate places.

There has been plenty of sharing-related arguments in this household since the Barbie, pups and bike arrived. I’m quite thankful that the dogs can be removed to play separately and they can have one each. The weather has been beautiful lately but yesterday there was a brief down pour of rain which created some lovely puddles out the back of our house. The girls decided to take Barbie out for an adventure and to let the dogs run around in the water.

barbie spin

he Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups is wonderful quality and the girls have had plenty of fun. She’s available at Smyths for just £24.99. It is suitable for 3 years plus but in all honesty the bits are not that small so P2 has been playing very well with her.



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A brilliant toy for helping stimulate your child's imagination

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