Bathing Three with Paddy’s Bathroom

Bath time is always a bit of a struggle in this house. Even before I didn’t have enough hands for each child of mine. As a baby, P1 hated having her hair wash and P2 screams blue murder every single bath time we have. P3 has been the odd one ou, enjoying the warm water and the splashing right from the beginning.

After receiving the great bundle from Ella’s Kitchen to celebrate Prince George becoming a big brother and to celebrate my sisters, we were sent some goodies from Paddy’s Bathroom. Paddy is Ella’s brother in case any of you didn’t know. Their Dad, Paul, created some awesome products to keep children healthy, clean and smelling beautiful.


The range includes everything you’d need for bath. Bubbly Stuff to make bubble baths, Squirty Stuff for your body and hair, Stuff for Shiny Hair, Stuff for Soft Hair and Stuff for Hands. I just love all those product names. They are so appropriate to make bath time fun for children. I love the Shampoo, Conditioner and Bubble Bath containers. They are so unique in little pouches just like the Ella’s Kitchen food pouches.

All of the Paddy’s Bathroom range contain NO SLS, NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO Sulphates, NO GMO Ingredients and are made with as many organic and natural certified ingredients as possible to leave your skin feeling soft and clean.

bath paddy

Immediately after opening the lids you get hit with the most delicious smell of fruitiness. I always love children’s bath products, they make you want to jump in and bathe with them. Unfortunately, we only have a shower so that would be pretty tricky but P1 loves playing with bubbles so they always fill their little Baby Born bath tub up to play with their My Little Pony toys.

Although bath times are still stressful, now that P3 is crawling and content with being sitting I think bath times will begin to be easier. It’s currently like a military mission. I have to lay out towels, nappy, fresh knickers and clothes all ready for when their slimey little bodies come screaming out of the shower.

paddys bathroom

They tend to all go in together at the same time. I let them play for a little while and then start to wash P3. She loves to splash the water. The crying begins with the hair washing which is why it’s critical to have a shampoo dispense that is easy to work with one hand. Paddy’s Bathroom squeezy shampoo is simple to use with one hand if you remember to unscrew the top before hand and the squirty stuff is easy with one hand. I then get P3 out, dry her, put some body lotion on her and then get her nappy on and dressed. She then has some milk and watches me finish her sisters.

I will always do P2 next. She’s the worst of the bunch. It literally sounds like I’m trying to drown her as she wiggles and screeches. I have to rush the washing to get it over with quickly. She’s also harder to calm down once out and ends up downstairs cuddling her Daddy with a bottle of milk too.

P1 is easy. She holds the flannel to her eyes to prevent any tears and lets me wash her hair. She then gets wrapped in a towel and snuggled as I dry it with the hair dryer. It’s a lovely one-to-one moment and reminds me how bath time can be quite a nice bonding experience that I hope I’ll achieve with all three at some point.


The girls smell gorgeous this evening. Paddy’s Bathroom is certainly going to be taking over our shower time from now on! You can buy the range from Tesco. They are slightly on the more expensive side of baby toiletries, but they are so worth it. I also really love the bright and bold packaging.


Value for Money

Delicious children's toiletries. Kind to skin and smells beautiful.

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