BBC Countryfile Live 2018 – Our Photo Diary

I’m still in a sort of bubbly come down from attending BBC Countryfile Live at the beginning of August. The atmosphere and buzz was just incredible.

We spent Thursday and Friday in the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxford. It was our first experience of a proper festival. I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t think I’ve ever watched an episode of Countryfile but I love everything to do with the countryside, farming and the nature around us so I was really pumped about going.

So much so I persuaded Hubby to book an Airbnb for one night so that we could attend two days and get the absolute most out of our trip. Thankfully he reluctantly agreed. So I packed our bags and we headed off very early Thursday morning to hopefully arrive for opening time (9:30am).

Sadly, we left 20 minutes later than we’d hoped, I needed a wee half way through the two hour trip, and good old M25 traffic meant we was a tiny bit late but still before 10am. Good going if you ask me!

We picked up our press wristbands and headed through the gates. Immediately we were hit by various smells of delicious food cooking in the food stalls, vans and tents. There were hundreds of people already. We headed for the loo first.

I was a little worried about the sheer quantity of portable toilets especially as our youngest daughter is extremely picky about her toilet situation and only likes clean toilets. I’m pleased to report that both days of our trip the loos were always clean. I literally mean always. There was an attendant there constantly. I was impressed. The only issue was that it was like walking into a sauna due to the nearly 30 degree heat.

We had a map in hand and the app downloaded to help us keep a track of where we were and what there was going on. We had been invited to attend and so we headed to the press tent to get our bearings. The size of the event was quite overwhelming.

BBC Countryfile Live was being hosted over four days, Thursday to Sunday. We’d attended the first two. We missed the Saturday party which was a shame but there was so much going on for both days that we honestly felt wiped out on Friday evening.

There was a whole array of fun shows going on in various parts of Blenheim Palace grounds. We mainly circulated around the Equine Arena, Dog Lovers Arena and the Central Arena too. The girls were definitely more interested in the animal related shows and demonstrations.

Countryfile Live is a huge market place for brands/charities/organisations to connect with their audience. Wandering around all of the stalls was really interesting and lots of them had little free activities for the kids to get involved in. P2 specifically loved learning about Moths with the Butterfly Conservation, P1 enjoyed making natural necklaces from wood with Nearly Wild Camping and P3 enjoyed the slide at the Jordan’s Grin-Ola stand and getting to sit in a Mini (she wants one for her birthday this year – she’s going to be 4!)

We all loved getting to stroke the Shire horses and on our second day we enjoyed a family pizza trip to the DeliVita pop-up restaurant. In fact that meal was made better by an elderly lady offering us half of her chocolate caterpillar birthday cake. Hubby took P2 and P3 on a Mitsubishi off-road driving experience

For both days we enjoyed or endured extreme temperatures. We had been out in it the entire day with little shade. Our water bottles were refilled at the designated points many many times. Personally I loved the weather but poor Hubby was pushing a double buggy up some pretty steep hills and bumpy terrain.

I loved the entire experience. I loved seeing everybody so cheerful. I enjoyed speaking with brands and it felt amazing to find out new things about the countryside and what goes on. I’m still on a buzz from it, over a week later, and I would love to go again next year!

Here’s a photo diary of our time at Countryfile, I just couldn’t whittle them down to a few and wanted to include all of these for different reasons. I hope you enjoy and they help give you the urge to book for next years Countryfile Live!

Day 1 – Thursday

Everyone has to pop to the portable toilets before they start BBC Countryfile Live
We soon realised the sheer extent of the venue at Blenheim Palace and that Hubby was correct to bring the double pushchair!
We stopped by Enid Blyton’s garden and listened to a short part of the Famous Five stories
We lost Hubby to the Range Rover stand…
I had never seen a sheep dance until this moment
We watched two shows; Dog & Duck Show and the Mountain Bikes. It was far too hot but we enjoyed the entertainment
The girls really enjoyed the Equine Arena and then getting to meet the Shire Horses
We sadly didn’t meet any of the Celebs but I still popped the kids in front of the sign for a photo
We couldn’t NOT get an obligatory tractor photo whilst at Countryfile?
Blenheim Palace was such a beautiful venue
These two really enjoyed getting a cuddle with Diana the Hedgehog
We didn’t get to canoe but the girls enjoyed the blow up seats at the stand
The face of a little girl learning what her cereal is made out of
The Butterfly Conservation stand was the girls favourite. The man on there was so patient and the girls loved learning about moths, caterpillars and butterflies
The girls made natural necklaces. This kept them occupied for ages
It was all too much for P3!
We had a wander around Adam’s Farm and watched a demonstration about milking cows
We took a walk through the food stalls and tried out some delicious foods a great end to the day
We checked in to a cosy cottage for the night

Day 2 – Friday

The girls really enjoyed a lazy roam around the Airbnb in the morning of our second day
The girls were really excited for a second day
We swiftly lost Daddy to the Mercedes Driving Experience…
We popped by to our friends at the Jordan’s Grin-Ola stand for some morning cereal and a wander around the nature trail
What an amazing view whilst crossing the bridge to the Wildlife Zone
We spotted another Butterfly Conservation stand and met a giant caterpillar!
P3 was extremely excited to find a MINI to sit inside. She wants a MINI for her birthday.
Kuoni had a spectacular topiary elephant!
The girls had a ride on the RSPCA horses whilst I watched the end of one of the Shire horse demonstrations
A sudden scream and a raised bite, a medical tent trip later and a plaster later. There’s always one! She was fine and the medical staff were awesome
We had a delicious meal at the DeliVita pizzeria. An elderly lady even gave us half of her birthday cake!
P2 found a moth in the pushchair, captured it into a bottle to take to the man at the Butterfly Conservation stall.
I kid you not, these grapes taste like eating candyfloss and the mango ones also taste like eating mangoes!
P2 was delighted to be able to help at the gun dog demonstration
As P3 missed her go on the horses due to the insect bite, we headed back to the RSPCA for her to have her own turn
The girls spotted a fake cow to milk on the way out of Countryfile Live
The last pictures of our adventures!

Thank you so much for getting to the end of this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and two videos. We honestly had such a brilliant time at Countryfile Live and I hope to go again next year.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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