Becoming Superheroes With Ella’s Kitchen

I am really bad at planning activities for the girls to do. I think that’s one reason I’m quite grateful for my blog because it pushes me out of my comfort zone with the opportunities we get. Recently we were sent a huge box of goodies from Ella’s Kitchen and challenged to recreate a super hero theme. Inside our box was craft materials to make capes, bedsheets for the backdrop and some superhero snacks.

ellas kitchen 1

I found it really hard to get an afternoon where we had all girls at home at the right time because I wanted this to be a joint activity. But finally we managed it after school last week. I laid out all the materials we’d been given and explained the task. They were going to be superheroes and they needed capes. Luckily, there was two capes for them to decorate and P3 was quite content watching, handed out the glitter glue and sticker circles to P2s cape.

ellas kitchen 2

We stopped for a snack as we waited for the capes to dry. We’d been given some of the new Smooshy Snacks which are squeezable pouches full of goodness. They contribute to your child’s 5 a day with a fruit ingredient and a vegetable ingredient for a more grown up flavour. P3 loved these the best but definitely the favourite amongst the other two was the new Fruity Bars. These are quite like a grown up version I have as a healthy snack. There are three different flavours; Pineapple & Coconut, Raspberry & Mango and Banana & Raisin. All the Fruity Bars are made with completely organic ingredients; oats, malted barley extract, palm oil, brown flaxseed, coconuts and rice crispies. They are all packaged with really cute superhero characters.

super hero

The last part of our task, when the capes were dry was to create our little backdrop. The girls had decided to be animal superheroes and save all the creatures. We used some felt paper to make some animals, P1 wanted to carry a bunny and P2 wanted a dog. We then picked the blue bed sheet which P1 said was the sky and we lay the girls down in their capes and mask. How cute do they look?!

We had such a great afternoon bonding together. I need to do more of these types of activity because the girls were so quiet and focused doing it. Do you like our creations? Don’t forget to try out the really delicious new Ella’s Kitchen kids snacks because they are so cute and really good value!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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