Becoming Domesticated & A Chance To Win Vanish Products

I have never been domesticated. In fact I am pretty sure that it is allergic to me, or the other way round as whenever I do start cleaning I sneeze and get puffy eyes. My bedroom was always a complete pig sty growing up. I was a typical teen that refused to tidy up the floordrobe, or the hundreds of dirty plates or glasses tucked under my bed from last Christmas. I was that bad.

Moving out the first few times and I still was very undomesticated. Cleaning was a “if we have visitors” occasion which was never, and the washing up would pile up. When I moved in with one of my mummy-friends, she was a very tidy and clean person and I drove her insane. Despite the fact deep down I wanted to be like her, it just never rubbed off on me. The arguments I used to have with my own mum about my tidiness were awful but nothing and no one could ever change my terrible habits.

When I first moved in with Hubby in Essex when we still just had P1 and I was pregnant with P2, things didn’t get any better. The floor of our bedroom was barely noticeable under heaps of clothes and paperwork. P1s bedroom was covered in toys with a tiny pathway to her bed. It was bad. Thankfully, the dirty plates under the bed situation had got better but they just sat next to the sink waiting to be washed for days instead. It grated on me and it grated on Hubby but no matter how many times I told myself I’d change, I never did.

2015-08-05 19.23.41

Moving to Sevenoaks did change things about me. At first I made a huge effort to keep things looking tidy, toys were put away, washing up was done and clothes washing was washed and folded daily. But gradually things did slip back into the past. Our problem is definitely clutter vs lack of space. It made me upset. We have such a beautiful home (if you forget the peeling paint, broken heated floor and grubby hand prints up the wall) and I so desperately want to be like those mums I read on other blogs with stunning houses.

It’s only been in the past 6 months or so that I’ve really started making an effort with our home in general. We used to always do a mass tidy up and clean, it would leave us feeling incredibly proud and grateful but would slowly get worse over the following weeks to the point we’d have to do another big tidy and clean. Becoming more social means you have friends pop by at a moments notice and you also get to see other peoples homes and the way they do things.

I am so inspired by the friends that I have. Most of them cook from scratch every meal, they all have tidy and clean homes and they are all definitely domesticated real mothers. I look at them, all with less children than me, and am completely in awe. I think I’m missing the domestication gene. It’s missed me somewhere along the line. But after having my friend from Essex round the other day I took on some real tips and have put them into action.

I have known N for nearly 6 years. We’ve been on holiday together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve fallen out, we’ve cried but ultimately she is my best friend. We go months, years without seeing each other but fall straight back to normal when we do meet up. When she was over N was washing up everything despite being told to sit down. She told me about her routines. N is exactly how I want to be, maybe not to the obsessive extremes that she is and knows that she is. But I want to be proud of my home.

Since she left I’ve completely transformed. I feel calmer and excited about being tidy and clean. Hubby has said it is very strange to see me wandering around washing up, folding clothes as soon as they come out of the tumble dryer and how the floors are clear, washed and hoovered twice in a day. I am exhausted today and feel like my mind is going over drive. I am desperate to transform our lives by keeping everything spotless. I’ve still got to declutter, sort old clothes of mine and the girls and generally make our home look much more presentable. But with three daughters running loose I know this will be a never ending battle.


To celebrate my new found domestication and to help push me forward in the right direction, Vanish have offered my readers the chance to win some amazing goodies, 1x Vanish Power Shots Fabric Stain Remover RRP £4.50, 1x Vanish Gold Pre-Treat Fabric Stain Remover Gel £4, 1x Vanish Oxi Action Spray £4.59 and 1x Vanish Gold Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover Gel £5.70. I’ve never used Vanish products before but have been completely amazed by their performance. So many baby clothes that have been stained with poop have been transformed. Along with our bed covers.

The Vanish Power Shots are put inside the drum, they are double concentrated and help to get rid of stains and hard to remove dirt. The Pre-Treat Gel is rubbed directly onto the stain before going into the wash. Then the Spray is sprayed directly onto the stained fabric before going in the wash. The Gold Oxi Action Fabric stain remover goes into the drawer of your washing machine and acts just the same as your normal detergent. It has certainly changed the way we wash things. It’s given us the added confidence that P3 will not be wearing clothes stains any more.

To be in with a chance of winning these fantastic products all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below:

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  1. really hate ironing, don’t mind the rest but that

  2. I like washing up and hate cleaning an oven

  3. love hovering as I hate dirty floors but hate cleaning the oven

  4. I hate cleaning the toilet and like trimming the hedge (especially when its sunny!)

  5. I hate cleaning the toilet and like trimming the hedge

  6. I hate cleaning the oven – like making the bathroom sparkle.

  7. I never iron, i hate cleaning the bathroom but I love cleaning my kitchen apart from the oven

  8. I hate cleaning the microwave.Favourite is cleaning kitchen worktops

  9. Cleaning the windows, I never get them quite streak free & it annoys me!

  10. I love all housework but hate marmite (off topic I know :))

  11. I enjoy hoovering and hate ironing 🙂

  12. Kimberley Hazelton

    I quite like cleaning the bathroom, but I hate washing up 🙁

  13. I hate ironing, but quite like cleaning my windows! Getting rid of the smears and sticky fingerprints is quite enjoyable!

  14. I hate ironing but I love decluttering and clearing our drawers and cupboards

  15. i like hanging the washing out and hate cleaning the bathroom

  16. Hate stains and oven cleaning worst tasks

  17. Love: cleaning sinks
    Dislike: dusting skirting boards

  18. Love turning the dishwasher on and hat washing the floors.

  19. Favourite – mopping. Least favourite – toilet cleaning!

  20. I really hate ironing, but enjoy vacuuming.

  21. Samantha Atherton

    I hate hate hate cleaning the oven, but I find polishing quite therapeutic.

  22. I enjoy washing the dishes but I hate ironing

  23. claire griffiths

    i love cleaning the kitchen but hate cleaning the oven

  24. Samantha loughlin

    Cleaning the oven and toilet but love dusting and hoovering

  25. I like hanging washing up on the line outside. I hate – everything else!

  26. Cleaning the oven is the worst!

  27. dont mind ironing hate cleaning the oven

  28. Dont mind Ironing hate washing up.

  29. Reading that post I completely understand what you are saying! Somedays I feel the constant cleaning and tidying will never end! I decorate only for it not to take long to be messed up again! But to calm myself down I remind myself they are only little once and when they have left home we will miss all this 🙂 but it is a constant and exhausting job! I hate cleaning under the beds and sofa every month!! Xx

  30. I like hoovering but hate cleaning the toilet.

  31. I hate washing up, i love hoovering.

  32. Favourite is hoovering, I hate cleaning up after kids have had play-doh out, gets everywhere!

  33. I hate changing the bed! I like cleaning the bathroom!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I have OCD over my bedcovers so changing the bed takes forever. Come and clean my bathroom? That’s the one room I avoid.

  34. I like ironing. I record lots of my favourite programmes. Watching them whilst ironing is a great way of catching up without getting sidetracked by other jobs or children wanting something. I hate washing paintwork

  35. I quite like washing up as I do it with my son, but I hate dusting

  36. I hate defrosting the freezer but I like polishing

  37. Cleaning the oven x

  38. Washing up is ok hate ironing

  39. I like hoovering I don’t like the ironing

  40. Does doing the gardening count?! I love doing that. But also don’t mind doing the hoovering. Hate ironing though. Like you, I’m not great at doing keeping on top of the housework, but I also have 3 and my eldest starts school in September, so making an effort to keep on top of stuff more so I’m not having to spend large chunks of the weekend cleaning.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Great idea, once it’s at a manageable state it’s keeping up with it that’s the key. I hope your eldest enjoys school!

  41. Hate ironing but I don’t mind washing up

  42. i love hoovering, but i hate oven cleaning x

  43. i don’t mind doing the dishes but i hate cleaning the bathroom

  44. cleaning the oven

  45. Love cooking, hate doing washing, so vanish would come in handy for getting stains out

  46. i love doing the dishes but hate cleaning the oven

  47. I don’t mind dusting, though I can’t say I love it lol 😛 My least favourite thing is cleaning the bathrooms, yuck!

  48. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I hate having a dirty house but mess doesn’t actually bother me. I hate clutter though – I’m quite weird in my habits.

    Lizzie Dripping

  49. I am very much like you. I hate having a messy house but I seem to be the only one who ever puts anything away and the tidying/cleaning is left for weeks then I have a blitz (usually accompanied by me being in a very bad mood and snapping at my hubby and kids for not tidying up after themselves). I actually enjoy throwing things away (Although I don’t do it often enough) so decluttering is my favorite chore. Cleaning the bathroom is definitely my least favorite. I am actually pretty good a wiping the bathroom over when I have used it but everyone else just makes a massive mess in the sink/shower/toilet and I am the only one that cleans it.

  50. To be honest I don’t like doing any of the chores! I think the worst is cleaning the toilet and the bathroom in general, the best thing is when it’s finished and it looks lovely and clean though……..for about 5 minutes!

  51. love hoovering, hate cleaning the bathroom

  52. Favourite is cleaning the kitchen least favourite is dusting

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