#BEDN – 1 – Something New About Yourself

It’s really crazy that we are now in November. I haven’t thought much about getting prepared for Christmas but it’s actually approaching at a rapid speed. This month I have decided to join in with the Blog Every Day in November (BEDN) blogging challenge. It’s meant to be fun and I only decided to do a few days ago so I’ve been a little rushed drafting up various posts ready to actually write the content in them.

day 1

We’re kicking off with Something New About Yourself. If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have changed my hair this week. Take back a few months ago and I had long bleach blonde hair. It was scraggly and rapidly dying and falling out and the decision came to have it cut to shoulder length and let my roots grow through as much as possible. I needed to go back to my natural brown colour and have hassle free hair.

Cutting my hair, treating it to some pretty expensive Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and leaving it to grow through for about 8 weeks actually really helped my hair. It feels healthier and looks less scraggly being shorter. But I do miss my nearly bottom length hair. Last week was the time to change my hair back to brunette as the roots I had were pretty hideous and getting embarrassing.


As you can see from my photos I decided to put a red on my hair first. This was because the last time I was blonde and tried to go back brown I ended up being ginger so I did my research and every where suggested putting a red colour as it helps the brown colour stick. I had so many compliments whilst I was a red head and was close to actually staying that colour, but the point of changing colour was that I wanted to have low maintenance, low cost hair.

So the brown went on after 48 hours of being a red. It has left my hair a lovely brown with red highlights or tones through it. The ends and the root area are more red compared to the actual body of my hair but it actually looks really funky and fresh. So that is something that is new about me. My hair!

What’s new about you today?

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  1. I’m taking part in #BEDN too – I’m really looking forward to pushing myself to post every day this month.

    I really like your hair colour – the hints of red make a nice contrast to the brown. I’ve recently gone back to brown, after a couple of years of having a real mix of tones and colours. By the end of this summer my hair was so brittle and damaged that I also cut it short (to shoulder length) and took it back to its original colour – it feels so much better for it now.

  2. Good luck with the BEDN I have been blogging every day since August and an used to it now! I love all the colours on you, you suit them all! Kaz x

  3. i love your hair! absolutely gorgeous!! and good luck with the blogging every day throughout november:) xx

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! I’ve always had short hair! x

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous, it really suits you! I chopped a lot of my hair off at the start of the year, it used to reach my belly button and I had it cut off to my shoulders and it felt so much better for it!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. I love your new hair colour! Good luck with your 30 day challenge too 🙂 x

  7. That is a lovely shade of brown and it really suits you! I am going on a three months off sugar challenge as September, which was my first attempt,meant great and saw me lose nearly half a stone! But I did go back to eating sugar in October and I feel rubbish and the weight has started creeping up again so sugar boot camp for me from tomorrow !xx

  8. You are brave to blog daily!! LOVE your hair! I’m just about to dye mine AGAIN! I’s a plumb/red at the moment – going to try and go back to brown! We shall see. Xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m sure I’ll end up missing days. Yes mine was a little plum red between the blonde and brown. It’s now got a lovely red tone that shines on the loght

  9. I love the brown colour, it looks really healthy and shiny too. The red was also nice but I think the brown suits better. And you’ve reminded me – I need to put some colour in my hair too 🙂

  10. Your new hair colour looks great! I had to give mine a good cut a while ago but it was definitely worth it your hair will feel so much better now 🙂 xx

  11. Your new colour looks great!

  12. Your hair looks amazing, but I also loved it red!! All 3 colours suit you really well. I’ve just signed up to do #BEDN. Hopefully I can keep up! xx

  13. chloelifeunexpected

    Oh wow your new hair looks great. Good luck with your November challenge. I’m embarking on a 30 day clean eating challenge (with Christmas around the corner that’s going to be difficult). I think blogging everyday might be easier than that haha. xx

  14. Love the transformation! I chopped my hair from bum length to a bob last year and I still miss it now but it is so much easier to look after!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m growing it again but am adamant I’ll care for it and take it for regular trims to stop the scraggly look.

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