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I absolutely adore the area we live in. It is ranked at one of the richest towns in the UK which isn’t surprising and that theme sort of runs through the entire area. The health services are far more efficient and superior to the ones back in my home town, Essex. The schools are much better and that was one of the main reasons we moved over here. We wanted the girls to have education opportunities that we didn’t ourselves.

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Although our decision to move counties was made rather quickly and the actual move happened over about a week later, the decision to move counties and away from Essex didn’t come lightly. I hate it there for so many reasons but one of them being the people. Walking through town just isn’t the same in Essex, you sort of feel worried you are about to pick a fight if you dare to smile at someone. Whereas over here in Sevenoaks everybody seems to know each other, everybody says hello and it’s just such a nicer feeling.

I moved over here as a stay at home mum. I was terrified that I would be isolated because I didn’t know anyone or the area and at first I spent a lot of time indoors. Gradually I found confidence and plenty of things to do. My week is so busy, much busier than I think it would have been if we were still in Essex. There’s not a single day in the week that I am not doing something with the children or for myself. Our week looks a lot like this:

Monday – Mummy & Me Dance fitness with P3 in the morning whilst P1/P2 are at school/nursery.

Tuesday – Moo Music in the morning with P2 and P3. Gymboree Open Session just after lunch. In the evening I sometimes go to a Zumba class.


Wednesday – I take P3 to a Parent & Toddler Group that my friend runs in the local village hall in the morning whilst P2 is at nursery. We then have our Gymboree Lesson in the afternoon. P1 is at an after school club.

Thursday – The council run a Stay & Play in the new pavilion, P2 and P3 go to that. We then go to the park afterwards if the weather is not raining. I sometimes go to a dance fitness class called Bunny Hop in the evening.

Friday – We go to Gymboree Open session on a Friday afternoon.

Weekends – Sometimes we head to soft play, sometimes round family or to the local Nature Trail.

As you can see our week is pretty full of lots of fun. There are times when we don’t bother with some of the activities but I have completely changed. The area I live in is so pretty that I want to go out and explore! I hate staying in and I love to be social. I really do feel that we are so lucky to live in the area we do and my girls most importantly are having the childhood I have dreamed for them. There are so many things on offer for families.

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What things do you do in your local area?

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