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It’s really crazy to think how far photography has come, especially very recently. From when I was a child there are plenty of very blurry, low lighting and low quality images of me. The photos are mainly of big events or birthdays taken on a camera that got dusted off for these momentous occasions.


Go from back then to nearly 7 years ago and still photography wasn’t exactly the best thing going. P1s babyhood wasn’t overly documented. Her pregnancy wasn’t documented, the odd few photos from my mobile phone which were super blurry of course. That’s what photography is. It’s about documenting. Documenting life at it’s very best. From the tiniest of creatures to the huge landmarks.

Technology has hugely improved since my childhood and the art of taking photos becoming increasingly easier. I love that my girls each have their own childhood pretty much documented to every minute of their lives because I am forever taking photos of the chocolatey faces, the paintings they make, the laughing and the smiles. Every time they cuddle each other. Even hospital trips are documented because I want to be able to remember those moments.

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I like to think I’ve got better at photography. That my skills at taking photos are better. Since having my blog photography and photographing things has become a dominant part of my life. I’m forever thinking of new opportunities to take photos of the kids or products and I actually really love that. It enables me to practice.

Have you found a love for photography?

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