Planting Bee Wild Seedbombs

When we moved to our home two years ago, I was so excited to have such a big garden. We’d gone from having no garden at all, just a simple concreted walk way between houses to a long open grassy, very overgrown garden.

My husband and I had similar yet different visions for our garden. He wanted to fill it with kids entertainment items and I wanted to have a vegetable patch, bushes, flowers and things that made it feel like my own Grandad’s garden.

It’s been over a year of us learning to be gardeners. Last year, we had been sent a seed bomb kit from Bee Wild. I was excited about planting them but somehow manage to pop them to the side and forget. Oooops!!

Once schools closed in the UK due to the pandemic, I knew this would be the first things we could do together. A little bit of a gardening activity for us to bond over and watch grow over the coming weeks and months.

Each Bee Wild Seedbomb kit contains measured out quantities of peat free compost, red clay and beautiful Bee Wild seed mixture that contains 24 varieties of native wildflowers. These wildflowers are perfect for Bees and Butterflies.

I love the little pouches the kit comes in. They are made using biodegradable, recycled and reusable materials. They would make a great gift for someone too.

Making the Seedbombs is super easy, you just need to add water and mix it together forming several little balls. Each kit has enough to make around 20-30 seed bombs. I’m pretty sure we made ours far too big but we are still hoping they’ll grow. The seed bombs should cover an area of around 4 sq.m which is a really decent size.

Whilst we make these together we talked about why it’s important to grow flowers that attract bees and butterflies. A really fun way of engaging learning and messy play, whilst doing our bit for the environment.

We’ve planted our Bee Wild Seedbombs in our front garden, in a patch we have that’s been empty. I’m hoping that it’ll eventually bring colour and wildlife to our front. It’s very exciting!

The kits cost £10.99 each with free postage too. 

Disclosure: These products were gifted to us.

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