Beginning Our Potty Training With HUGGIES Pull-Ups

You’d think I would be a professional when it comes to potty training seeing as I’ve done it twice already. The reality of it is, I think I was pretty lucky with my previous two. P1 was over three years old and more understanding of what we were asking her, and P2 just refused to wear nappies and wanted big girl knickers at just before two years old. Throwing us in the deep end a little but it was her decision.

With P3 I always set myself a goal that she would be on her potty training journey by the time she began nursery/preschool. That date is fast approaching though and so I feel some pressure to get it done. P3 has many signs of being ready now and has even asked, and been, on the potty a few times especially in the past few weeks. I am pretty darn thankful to have HUGGIES Pull-Ups on board to help me with my third and final potty training journey. It sort of feels like I have a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder already.

HUGGIES Pull-Ups have a brilliant plan for me to follow too which is called the “6 Steps To Success”. Dr Heather Wittenberg has collaborated with HUGGIES Pull-Ups to create a brilliant recipe to make potty training a success for all. We were sent a huge box of goodies which included everything we needed to complete each step with confidence. The steps are as follows:

  1. Check you’re both ready: We have been loaded up with information from the Potty Training website including the 8 signs of being ready. P3 was showing five of the eight signs so it is definitely time for us to begin our journey. In our box of goodies we were given some reward stickers to help her get excited about the process.
  2. Say goodbye to nappies: We were sent a really cute and simple potty, Minnie backpack, a stool, some soap, wipes and of course some packs of HUGGIES Pull-Ups.
  3. Start practising: This is the stage where all the fun begins. Accidents are expected, your washing loads will increase but it’s important to get into a routine. We were sent a cute owl timer to help remind all of us to ask P3 if she needs to go on the potty.
  4. Learning wet from dry: There’s loads of tools and games on the website. We were sent a tray to include in our playtime and encourage learning the differences between wet and dry.
  5. Be consistent day and night: Night time dryness is the last thing to conquer. We were sent some night time HUGGIES Pull-Ups, some pyjamas and some glow in the dark feet to help P3 in her night confidence.
  6. Keep up the great work: Moving into big girl knickers and keeping up the motivation to stay dry and using the potty is the last and final step to success.

I have filmed a little introduction video and a closer look at the products we’ve been sent to help us with potty training. Here it is:

HUGGIES Pull-Ups have special features that help your child to recognise when they are wet. It has a learning layer which mimics the feeling of real wet underwear and has a picture that fades away when wet too. This helps your child to learn self-control and independence. They also have super stretchy sides to make it easier for your child to pull them up and down just like real knickers. 

The HUGGIES Pull-Ups Night-Time are pretty much exactly the same as the day time ones only with extra absorbency for a good night sleep. They look the same as consistency is important.

HUGGIES Pull-Ups are about to have a bit of a makeover with fresh new packaging and here’s a sneak peek! I actually think the new ones offer a more grown up look to them, making it attractive to children who are beginning to feel like “big” girls and boys. The new designs are below so watch out for these in supermarkets soon.

We are currently at the very beginning stage of our potty training journey, so it is all completely fresh. I will be sharing our experiences on my blog and YouTube channel so please make sure you are subscribed to it. I am feeling quite nervous about this new stage in our lives but also excited too. It’s the last “baby” stage that P3 has to conquer and I really hope I can help her do this with confidence. She’s super stubborn so I know this isn’t going to be easy, despite the fact she is very ready.

What are your tips for potty training? I’d love to hear them.

To find out more and start your 6 Steps to Potty Success journey, visit

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. We need to tackle potty training soon, and I’m so nervous about it. definitely going to be following along for tips and tricks! x

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