Being A Mum

Being a mum means carrying her in my womb.

It means watching her take her first breath.

Being a mum means changing her nappy for the first time and the 1000th time.

It means dressing her for the first time and the 1000th time.

Being a mum means watching her open her eyes to the world.

It means holding her hand.

Being a mum means seeing her smile for the first time and laugh.

It means wiping the tears of joy from my face and wiping the tears of sadness from her.

Being a mum means fixing the cuts and bruises with a kiss and a cuddle.

It means watching their first wobbly steps.

Being a mum is about being there for the times she is poorly because only a mummy’s cuddle makes her feel better.

It means seeing her in her school uniform for the first time, going to secondary school and starting a career.

Being a mum is teaching her about the birds, the bees and Aunt Flow.

It’s about pulling my hair out from the 20th argument or tantrum we’ve had that morning already.

Being a mum means no more toilet trips without her in tow.

It means saying goodbye to those long relaxing showers.

Being a mum is when I cook five different meals just so that she gets some food inside her.

It’s about relationship advice.

Being a mum means I say I love you more times than I can count on my hands each day.

It means I will never have a showroom house with clean walls and junk stored away neatly.

Being a mum means I frequently wear chocolate spread, sick, paint and milk on my clothes.

But most of all it means that I have an unconditional bond with three little ladies that nobody else will ever experience. I love my daughters and I love being their Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day for tomorrow! What does being a mum mean to you?


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you too – and I’m with you on the food based accessories – I never seem to be clean nowadays but I wouldn’t change it for the world – I just wish it was warmer so the laundry would dry quicker!!

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