Being Busy & Thinking Ahead

We’ve successfully completed the first full week back to our school routine, although I’m still not quite used to the early mornings and I keep sleeping through the alarms that were switched off for six weeks leaving us pretty rushed every morning. Having a set routine seems to help P1s behaviour though and she’s been really good up until the weekend where of course the routine changed slightly and I’m assuming she feels a bit insecure about it.

It has felt like I have not stopped this week. From the moment I wake until the moment I fall asleep I’m on the go. It’s such a drastic change compared to a year ago and the days I choose to try to chill and take things slower, behaviour of the children and the housework in general goes to pot. This morning I woke with plans to head to Gymboree for the Open Gym and get some photos for various reviews I need to write. Instead, I’ve done a teeny bit of housework and sat on my bottom all day in my pjs. We have managed to to P2s hanger for her nursery and we will be venturing out later for a firework display but I really do feel lazy!

2015-09-12 11.30.09

I’ve had time to think during my laziness and the realisation that the coming week is going to be a huge change for everyone hit me. I’m going to have 7 hours each week with just P3 as P2 starts her two mornings a week properly. Usually when there’s just one I plan to do lots of blog stuff but P3 always has other ideas. I have a feeling that those 7 hours won’t be filled with time to catch up on things or take a break but more filled with so many different things just to keep the demands and attention seeking of P3 at bay.

In a way I’m dreading it and a huge part of me craves to have all three in nursery just to give me a tiny break. Of course there’s a bigger part of me that just wishes they were all at home. That I wasn’t writing in two sets of Harvest Festivals and Christmas concerts. That we could continue to go to playgroups, the park and daytime playdates. That booking a family break was not controlled by school holidays and extortionate prices. But life is only moving forwards now and really there’s no point in looking back because by moving forward there is going to be exciting changes and our routines will adapt, even more so when we increase P2s nursery days when she turns three and is potentially at preschool five mornings a week.

Then I will have around two years with just P3. To be able to give her some one to one time and do things that are suited to just her. I may even be able to grab time to myself during nap times, maybe even watch some day telly, read a magazine or just simply using that time to blog. But I do wonder what will happen once P3 goes to nursery and when they are all at school. The thought of ever going back to work and not being there to take them to school or pick them up scares the heck out of me and if we are in the position for me to continue to be a stay at home mum then I will jump at the chance for that to be the case. But I do think about how I will fill my days then.

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The post was originally going to be about how busy I’ve felt lately and how exhausted I am but it’s turned into so much more than that. I feel that slowly I’m getting my personal blogging mojo back and that’s what this blog was meant to be about in the first place. Are you a stay at home mum to an older child? I’d love to hear your story.

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