Being #TogetherThisChristmas

This blog post feels even more bittersweet now considering the current Christmas circumstances but I now cherish this more than I realised at the time.

Chums got in touch with me to ask if we wanted to get a bit creative with how we could be together this Christmas with loved ones. They kindly sent a gingerbread house directly to my mum and one to us to enjoy via a zoom call as part of The Gingerbread House Project.

We video call my mum nearly daily. I honestly don’t know how this past year would have been without the technology we have today.

The girls experience lockdown learning and used Zoom calls to stay in touch with friends. Our church has been doing all of their services online and I even joined a course.

Anyway, I scheduled a Zoom call with my mum and made up our icing ready to build a gingerbread house. I was a bit worried it would end up in chaos with my girls arguing. They don’t do very well working as a team sometimes.

My mum had her set up, we had ours and together we began working on our gingerbread houses. My mum actually led the way because I haven’t done one by myself before.

I was pretty impressed at how well my three worked together, assisting each other and coming up with ideas. It was such a joyous bonding experience. Of course, we were able to chat with my mum, laugh and enjoy spending time with her albeit it being virtually.

Our finished gingerbread houses both looked so good!

With 2020 being a year of staying away and not being very connected to loved ones, I think this would make the perfect activity to do over a video call with family and friends. It was fun to do something sort of together but keeping everyone safe by staying home.

I filmed our fun afternoon of icing, sprinkles and gingerbread for my YouTube channel. Both my mum and I cried as we rewatched it. It’s definitely a personal video for us but it’s also lots of fun too, very light-hearted.

I honestly hope that you will be able to organise your own fun video call activity and I’d definitely recommend getting yourself and a loved one a gingerbread house to decorate! It may even become a bit of a tradition, who knows!

Disclosure: The gingerbread house was gifted to us.

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