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For our second night in Birmingham and following our visit to Cadbury World, we headed further North to Sutton Coldfield. The Belfry Hotel & Resort is award winning and set in over 500 acres of countryside. I was pretty excited about this hotel visit as my Grandad had told me that he had stayed there over 40 years ago!

As we entered the walled grounds of The Belfry, Hubby and I turned to each other in amazement. We then turned to the girls and gave them a quick warning of good behaviour during our stay. The grounds were well kept and so beautiful. We parked our car and headed into reception. We were greeted by a friendly doorman in a top hat, he showed us to the check in desk which was quite obvious but he stood with us and it was a really lovely, personal touch.

The hotel is seriously so big and as we walked to our room we were able to get little glimpse of the luxury and beautifully decorated interior with the popular copper theme. Initially I thought that we’d been booked into the wrong room as we were given just one room key and I could only see one large bed until I walked further ind found the interconnecting door. This led through to the same sized room only this was for the girls. There was two single beds and a put out single bed. Each room had a wardrobe and writing desk with bedside tables too. I also fell in love with the stunning green armchairs.

I was really pleased with how well equipped the room was. There was complimentary free WiFi, a hairdryer, ironing facilities, a fan in each room, towels for each guest, a cup for each guest and the complimentary toiletries for each guest too. It was amazing. The room was so clean and the wall paper was even textured. The family rooms come with either a bath or a shower, I had hoped for the bath as we don’t have one at home but the shower was delightful and really powerful. I kept using the word posh, I felt completely treated by our rooms. We each had a TV with HD Freeview channels. I think the best part was that the girls each got their own Activity Fun Pack on their beds and a really soft Belfry bear. They were very pleased.

After taking a little chill in our rooms from our visit to Cadbury World, we headed down to the swimming pool. The leisure facilities are all situated in the same area which was opposite our room so we were able to walk through the reception. There is a brilliant bar area in the reception and we saw many groups of ladies having afternoon tea, the cake stands were just blowing my mind, they were so big! The Belfry Hotel is definitely a busy hotel. We reached the leisure reception area and they gave us each a fluffy white towel to use free of charge. They have designated Family Changing rooms which is brilliant. Inside is a little bench area, four really large lockers, a shower with the most gorgeous smelling hair and body wash, and also a baby changing table. It was clean and the floor wasn’t wet or cringey like it always is when you go swimming. Please note the locker requires a £1 coin I believe.

The pool was slightly colder than I’d have hoped for but it was unbearable. There are two Jacuzzi areas which are suitable for ages twelve and above, they were busy with women probably on their girly spa breaks. The pool had plenty of seating areas and a designated shallow area for children. I always forget one thing when we go away and this time it was the armbands, so I was really pleased that the shallow area was shallow enough for even P3 to stand up properly. The water came up to her shoulders. The girls really had a great time in there, I just wish there was some toys or floats available just for the added fun factor.

I think there are six different places to eat or grab a drink throughout The Belfry Hotel & Resort. Some of the bar and restaurant areas turn into a real hub of activity during the evenings too which I think is brilliant for those without children. We had a table booked at Rocca’s Pizza Pasta Restaurant which is the more casual family friendly restaurant. The restaurant is definitely more colourful than the rest of the hotel which I think helps to add some fun to a meal experience for children.

The girls were given really cute little ceramic cups with colouring pencils inside and colouring sheets to keep them occupied. For the first time ever, one of the girls (P3) knocked the little pencil pot off the table and it smashed. We apologised but I personally feel it should have been a more durable material for a children’s colouring cup. The waiter was really attentive to us and the food was served really quickly. We had starters of bread, cheesy garlic bread and Hubby had Calamari. We let the girls have a drink treat of Coca Cola too, mainly to keep them awake for our meal as they were all beginning to flake.

The main food was absolutely delicious. The girls had pizza and Hubby and I had a pasta dish. The adult portions were huge and it didn’t even look like I’d made a dent in my food yet I completely stuffed my face! The ice cream for our afters was brilliant too especially P2s. She had asked for strawberry ice cream and I really didn’t expect for there to be real strawberries chopped up inside. One of her favourite fruits, I think she was in heaven!

The hotel room was really peaceful at night even though the night life is quite popular in different parts of the hotel. Of course, I didn’t get a great night sleep as we didn’t have enough milk to satisfy P2 and P3 so they were quite unsettled. We ended up with P2 in our bed at around 5am. Thankfully the bed was huge so this didn’t really matter. I think all five of us could have comfortably fit inside that bed. We all got ready and ended up having to wake P2 and P3 so that we could head down to breakfast.

Breakfast is held in The Ryder Kitchen. I was blown away at the decor, it was just luxurious. We were shown to our table which happened to be in a secluded room that was just off the cereal area and had curtains to close so it was like a private dining experience. The restaurant is self serve buffet style. We took it in turns to get our food and the girls enjoyed grazing on different options like cereal, cooked breakfast and toast. I copied Hubby in having a full English breakfast although I needed the help of a stranger to reach the food which was along the worktop area as I couldn’t reach to hold the lids open and serve the food easily. That was quite embarrassing. 

After breakfast we went back to the room to pack up all our belongings. I genuinely felt a little sad to be leaving. We’d had a taster of pure luxury living and it was wonderful. I had a quick meeting with the Marketing Director for a tour of the hotel after we checked out. Hubby stayed with the girls. Unfortunately the weather was just awful, rainy and cold, so the Crazy Golf that we had planned to enjoy on Sunday wasn’t open. The Belfry Hotel & Resort also have an Ofsted approved creche onsite which is open most days until 2pm so parents can enjoy the spa or gym facilities, or even play some golf easily. 

We honestly had an amazing experience at The Belfry Hotel & Resort. It’s definitely a place we really want to return to in the future. They have a wildlife trail to explore on better weather and have many themed activities throughout the year. I was told there are some lovely children’s activities on through the Easter Holidays, like an Easter Egg Hunt which is just brilliant. It’s a place that you could spend a lot of time in without really needing to venture out but also makes a lovely base for a family holiday.

Here’s a little video of our stay:

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Luxury throughout the hotel. It was comfortable and clean. The staff are super friendly and the room is brilliantly equipped for children.

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