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“Stop playing with your food!” I remember being told as a child. I hear myself saying this to my own daughters countless times a day, especially whilst P2 moisturises her hands and face in yoghurt or baked beans. Well what if playing with your food was allowed? Bernard Matthews challenged me to come up with 3 different games that the children could play with their turkey products. It was actually a really tricky task but I managed it, I think.

Dino Football

What You Need:

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, 1-2 per person (cook as instructions on packet)
  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Kievs, 1 per person (cook as instructions on packet)
  • Carrots, chopped into sticks, 3 sticks per person (best cooked)
  • Potatoes, mashed (boil then mash with milk & butter)

How To Play:

  1. Set up a goal post as pictured below. Three carrot sticks. Spoon some mash on the sides.
  2. Using a dinosaur of your choice kick the Kiev football into the goal.
  3. Eat one piece of food each time you score a goal.

The girls actually really enjoyed this simple game. You could vary it up a little by using a large tray in the centre of the table and playing as a team. The team to score a goal has to eat a piece of food from the different bowls and so on.

dino football

Jetter Passengers

What You Need:

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Jetters, 1-2 per person (cook as instructions on packet)
  • Pasta, any shape or sized pasta (boil until soft)
  • Cheese, grated

How To Play:

  1. Fly your Jetters towards the passengers.
  2. Pick up a passenger and fly back to your mouth. Repeat until your pasta in your plate is gone.
  3. Reward yourself by eating the jetter.

We did this game from a shared plate but I think it would work better by having your own pasta bowl and planes. That way they can see how many passengers they need to collect. We hadn’t tried Jetters before so this was a fun game for the girls.

jetter passengers

Jigsaw Dinosaurs

What You Need:

  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs, 2-3 per person (cook as instructions on packet)

Optional side dishes of chips, veg, baked beans or anything you fancy.

How To Play:

  1. Cut dinosaurs into several pieces.
  2. Put the dinosaurs back together before eating them.

This game is really easy so definitely suited to the younger age group. P2 really enjoyed it and was laughing as she ate the dinosaurs leg or tail. You could even ask them to name each body part and point to their own.

dino jigsaw

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