Best Type Of House To Make Your Kids Happy

Thinking always seems to be that you should upgrade your housing as your family expands and this makes perfect sense, who wouldn’t want a nicer place? The question really is though is what is the best setting to bring up children, what would be best for their well-being and also what would make them happiest.

In Town Or Out In The Country?

Is it best to have a family home out in the countryside or back in the town or city? It’s clear that there are advantages in both scenarios, in the country children will have room to play and run around, have access to nature, teaching them about the land, food production and nature, another good benefit is that you will have more time to play with them and spend time with them. Living in an urban or suburban area though would give different advantages, there would be more opportunity for social and leisure activities such as museums and galleries, zoos etc.

Size! How Much Room Do You Need?

You might get to a point where you are considering upsizing to give more space for your expanding family. This all sounds great but you need to carefully consider if this is the best option for you. There will be a considerable expense involved in upsizing, you will have mortgage increases and extra furniture needed and even council tax could be a lot more. You might have to consider that to upsize you may end up in a different area and is that really worth the extra space? If your children currently share a bedroom the idea might be to give them their own rooms, but take time to see if this is what they want as they may be happier sharing as this helps them having a sibling close by. Before making any decision on this it might make sense to check out what you can get based on what mortgage you can afford and see if it’s worth it.

Are There Any Benefits To Renting?

We generally think about purchasing when we are discussing whether or not to upsize or move house, but sometimes it’s beneficial to consider the prospect of renting a home. There are a surprising amount of benefits to making the choice to rent such as you don’t have the stress of having to replace expensive items as they break or fall into disrepair, often with no or little warning, examples being something like a failed boiler which the cost of replacing potentially running into the thousands. You also will have a much greater degree of flexibility as cancelling a lease is much less complicated than selling a house on, so in the event of a career change you can move on with relative ease.

Facilities, Schools & Leisure.

When moving take time to research schools and local facilities before committing to any move. Check not only good schools are in the area but that they actually have places available and take the time to ask for a visit and talk with the teachers.

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