Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day One

Last week we spent a full seven days on the Isle of Wight with nearly all of my MiLs side (nearly 20 of us) celebrating my MiLs big birthday. I will be posting several posts about our holiday over the next few days or maybe weeks as we have been getting up to so many things in the past week and I have taken so many photos that it needs to be spread across several posts so that I can document all of our memories. I definitely feel like I need a whole week or more to recover, but this post is focused on our first day.


We had an early start on Friday morning. Hubby likes to travel earlier on in the day to avoid traffic so we were up at 5am to get the 9:30am ferry. We surprisingly managed to arrive early and catch the earlier ferry along with Hubby’s Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. I had been pretty nervous about the ferry journey because I get quite bad travel/motion sickness and the last time I was on a boat or ferry I felt pretty ill.


Thankfully it was fine. There was a tiny little play area inside and the girls were so extremely excited about the whole thing. Whilst Hubby queued for a Greggs breakfast I braved taking all three girls up to top deck and outside to watch the view. It didn’t feel like the ferry was even moving so the journey was really pleasant for all of us and it was over so quickly.

We arrived within about 45 minutes so we were on the IOW pretty early and ready for a full day. We had already decided to head to a soft play that my MiL suggested we go to. I have never been to the IOW before so it was all really exciting to see what everything was going to be like. All the roads are like country lanes or through little villages. There isn’t a motorway on the IOW at all.


The little indoor soft play was in the back of an arcade. It was a little run down but the girls don’t really notice that and the layout of it was really interesting. We spent nearly two hours there before heading out onto the beach for a little while. We weren’t really prepared for anything on the first day as check in wasn’t until 3pm and the pushchair was right at the bottom of the boot with all our luggage on top.


The girls were pretty moody from the early start and play but thankfully check in time soon came around and the they were able to nap on the journey. Seeing as there is a lot of us on this holiday we managed to rent two very beautiful converted barns next to each other on Kempshill Farm. We met up with the rest of the family and spent the afternoon unpacking and enjoying a buffet dinner.


The girls were exhausted from the really long day but so excited that they were a little emotional getting to sleep. What I think I love most about holidays is the way my MiL always packs board games and we always play them in the evenings. We ended up playing two rounds of Whot? and two rounds of Blokus before heading to bed.


A playlist of all our Isle Of Wight adventures can be viewed using this link, or you can view days one and two below.

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  1. Haven’t been to the IOW for a long time but this looks so lovely! might have to plan for next summer 🙂

  2. Oh you got some fabulous weather didn’t you! Never been but looks like the perfect family destination x

  3. The barns look lovely, we lI’ve just across the water from the IOW and it’s lovely over there

  4. Aww this looks like a lovely place. i’ve never been but my Mum has. Looks like the weather was kind to you

  5. Ah it looks like you had lots of fun! IoW is just across the water from us but we’ve never been. And we’ve been here two years now. Got to get it on the list for sure!! x

  6. I went to the Isle of Wight years ago to look at their college there but I remember it being lovely. You’ve been so lucky with the weather too 🙂 x

  7. I visited the IOW last year, I loved it. It’s so beautiful and my little boy loved spending so much time outside. x

  8. I have never been to the isle of wight but it sounds lovely! Glad you had nice weather!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay xo

  9. this looks fantastic – glad you’ve had some good weather for it. I’ve never been to the isle of wight

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