Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Five

After a pretty hectic day at Blackgang Chine, I was as exhausted. The girls were incredibly emotional and we all just needed a bit of a down day. A day to recooperate and rest. It was a brilliant day for some beach fun! So we packed up the car and headed with hubby’s MiL and Nan to St Helen’s beach.


Before this holiday, hubby wouldn’t dare step foot on the beach. He hates the way sand gets everywhere and into everything but somehow we gradually managed to get him accustomed to the sand. He even took his shoes and socks off too! I do feel a bit guilty for making him remove his top, then forgetting the suncream and resulting in him having nice pink shoulders for the rest of the holiday.


We watched the tide go out and exposing Little Rock pooling areas with crabs to explore. All three girls were absolutely in their element and with the sun shining down it was even more enjoyable. We spent the entire day at the beach with a little picnic and quality family time. I thought the girls would get bored and agitated but they didn’t and it was a really enjoyable day.


P1 went in the car with my MiL, and we took the other two back to the barns. P2 was so exhausted I managed to transfer her from the car and sat her on the steps where she stayed sleeping. Poor thing. Hubby decided to order in a chicken takeaway which arrived with no issues and was really delicious. A welcome treat after a beach day that was meant to be relaxing but I think wore the kids out more than ever.


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