Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Four

Everybody had been going on about visiting Blackgang Chine but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. We’d arranged to go with my MiL on our fourth day and we headed off with me doing zero research beforehand. Which is very unlike me.


Now that I’ve been I can tell you that Blackgang Chine is most definitely suited for children of all ages. There is so much to do from the moment you step foot. It is made up of different “lands” situated along the south coast of the Isle Of Wight. It’s tag line is “land of imagination” and it really is just that. We headed into the dinosaur part first which has moving and very lifelike dinosaurs. This appealed so much to our dinosaur obsessed daughter P3.


We then moved on to explore the Pirate Cove which has huge pirate ships. We then ventured into the cowboy section which made me a little anxious as there was kids everywhere shooting cap guns and those small balls that explode on contact with the floor. Completely harmless but just a little odd.


We had some lunch and yet more ice cream. Hubby had promised P2 some candy floss which they happened to sell at Blackgang Chine so he was roped into getting a bag for  the kids to share. Again, the weather was so great and we were able to really enjoy ourselves. I’m not sure our day at Blackgang Chine would have been the same if it was rainy or cold. 


The photo above was a typical P3 for the duration of our holiday. She gets a bit nervous around people in general but this photo was when her Grandad was trying to get her down the slide that she’d managed to wedge herself half way down. It was a hilarious sight!


Blackgang Chine put on an amazing day out for us. We even witnessed a real life (cough cough) dinosaur and the girls got to ride some baby dinosaurs too! They just absolutely loved it and were entertained the entire day. I will definitely be back next time and actually we did go back later in the week as they have a free return within seven days offer.


We had a delicious BBQ when we got home from Blackgang Chine. It was very much needed after a full on day. It literally felt like my legs were going to fall off and my eyeballs were sore. The girls were absolutely exhausted and went to bed pretty well and actually slept through the night I think.

A playlist of all our Isle Of Wight adventures can be viewed using this link, or you can view days three and four below.

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