Big Family Holiday To The Isle Of Wight – Day Three

In the morning of our third day the farmer at Kempshill Farm popped by to see if we wanted to watch the cows be fed. Of course the kids were really excited so we headed round the barns. He was really informative about the cows meat and explained how he operates and what types of meat we should actually be buying.


Originally the plan for our day was to go to a trampoline park but unfortunately you had to be aged five or over so it would have made things quite awkward for us. Hubby’s Auntie really kindly offered to take P1 with them which left us with a few hours to explore with just P2 and P3. Hubby had seen a lake with swan pedalos to hire and so we headed there for a relaxing morning.


After the lake experience we headed to meet up with my MiL at the Old World Tea Rooms. We were seriously spoilt by the weather throughout our week and the tea rooms had a beautiful garden to chill out in. We enjoyed a refreshing ice cream although mine was rudely hijacked by P3!


Once we’d regrouped and refreshed ourselves we headed up to the The Model Village in Godshill. The only model village I’ve been to I think is the one in Legoland so I was really excited about visiting this one. I was quite shocked to find out that it was built in someone’s back garden years ago! The Model Village is the perfect size for a little half day out and was really interesting too. P3 was copying every word I was telling her and she seemed completely fascinated.


We’d booked a table at The Chequers Inn for our dinner. All seventeen of us and a baby. Thankfully for the staff it was a buffet style carvery. To be honest it was probably the most stressful meal I’ve ever had with the girls in tow and reminded me why we rarely do go for meals. They were moody, demanding and kept trying to run off. In the end I scoffed my food and took them to the pretty awesome playground they have outside. Perfect for children. The food was delicious may I add, I just wasn’t able to enjoy it.


My Grandad-In-Law (that sound weird) had arranged a surprise for my MiL for her birthday. A chance to celebrate with banners and cake. He did an amazing job with my Uncle-In-Law to decorate the larger barn. We had another relatively chilled evening chatting.

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