Binky Bear Goes To London Gift Set Review

As a child, I loved teddies and soft toys. My kids have certainly followed in my footsteps of their love for teddies and we have only recently given around 4 bin bags full away. When I was sorting the teddies out I had clear piles; TYs, Disney and memorable bears/teddies. We were recently asked to review the new Binky Bear Gift Set and I’m pleased to announce that he made the safe, memorable pile.

binky bear gift set

The Binky Bear Goes To London Gift Set includes a book, Binky Goes To London, and a little Binky Bear. He is absolutely stunning, fully jointed and so soft. P2 was so pleased when she opened the brightly coloured gift bag that he came in.

The aim of the book is to get your exploring London by following the really well illustrated map at the front and back of the book. We have been super busy lately and haven’t managed to get to London yet but have plans to go later this year as a family. The book is filled with photographic photos that feature Binky himself. P1 enjoyed it the most as she recognises some of the places as she visited with my Grandad a few times.

The story is about Binky heading out on an adventure, getting a little bit lost and trying to visit the Queen. It’s a really, really lovely story. P2 manages to sit her hyper little bottom down for long enough for me to actually finish the book which is a great example of the wonderful book she’s been given to review.

binky bear adventure

Binky is firmly part of our family. He has frequently been the chosen one to come along when we go out. P2 always makes sure she has her Panda, her bear (that makes noises) and her Binky when she goes to sleep. It’s really sweet to see such a bond to a teddy in such a short amount of time.

The Binky Bear Goes To London Gift Set costs £22. I do actually think that is a little expensive but the price does reflect the quality of the products supplied. Especially as our gift bag is also getting used in role play games that P2 plays with P1.


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Value for Money

A touching , memorable adventure book. Fantastic quality with great pictures.

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