Birthday Shopping With My Grandad & Mum

For Christmas last year my Grandad promised me a shopping trip. It was his way of giving me a present. I ended up going child free and meeting my Grandad and Auntie at the shopping centre. We did lots of shopping and then had lunch on my Grandad’s wallet which obviously is always fantastic.

I never know what to ask for my birthdays anymore and so when Grandad suggested another child free shopping trip on him, I nearly bit his arm off. I’ve been feeling quite low lately and I really needed a break from the kids to recharge my batteries. I decided to invite my Mum along too. We arranged to go on a Wednesday when Hubby was working from home and P1 in school longer than usual.

I typically got stuck in traffic on the M25 and so my 25 minute journey ended up taking nearly 2 hours. I was greeted by my Grandad directing me into a space and a hot chocolate by my Mum which was at perfect drinking temperature. We headed straight into Primark to shop. We don’t have a Primark near where we live now so heading over the Dartford Crossing to Lakeside was the best idea for me to get the most out of my Grandad’s money. Gosh that sounds bad doesn’t it?!

We spent ages in Primark. Much longer than earlier this year. Although I wasn’t overly impressed by the selection as I’m really not an Autumn/Winter person, I did manage to find some really lovely items with the help of my Mum for fashion advice. My poor Grandad kept trying to shush me into the changing rooms as he was clearly getting a bit bored and hungry.

After spending lots of money in Primark, we headed into Bella Italia for some lunch. It felt very weird for me to be sat having a meal with my Mum. Our relationship has been a bit rocky and we’ve barely been on speaking terms for three years but recently things have been much more positive. I wanted to invite her along to spend time with her for the first time in such a long time.

Before heading home we popped into Victoria’s Secret so that I could have my boobies measured and buy a few new bras. A lot of money was spent in there on just a couple of items. But the items bought are so beautiful! I left around 3 pm and was home to be greeted by a very emotional P3 who hadn’t napped as she found having Daddy trying to put her to sleep just hilarious.

I think I definitely need to have more child free time for myself. I always say that. There’s definitely a lot to be said for shopping and you can understand where the phrase “retail therapy” comes from.


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  1. oh I bet you bit his arm off, a child free shopping day…. Wow I haven’t had one of those for almost two years!

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