My Birthday Wish List

So it’s September already. We have a lot of things going on here. The 3rd will be a sad day as we remember one year since my Nan’s death. P1 goes back to school. Hubby and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary on the 28th but of course more importantly, ha, on that day it’s my birthday.

I’ve never been good at making a birthday present wishlist but this year there’s actually a few bits I’d quite like. Mainly because I’ve either run out or am in desperate need (you can decide whether that’s to do with the hamster or the hair cut) so here’s my 2014 birthday wish list:

birthday wishlist

  1. OPI Top This! Top Coat Set
  2. OPI Pompeii Purple Nail Lacquer
  3. OPI Chic from Ears to Tail Nail Lacquer
  4. Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil (Shade: Original)
  5. Bare Minerals Original SPF Foundation (Shade: Light)
  6. Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara
  7. Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
  8. Bare Minerals Natural Lipgloss (Shade: Citrus Tart)
  9. A Hamster?!
  10. A hair cut It’s all looking a little flat, and is very very long!
  11. Links Of London Zodiac Pebble Libra Charm
  12. Links Of London Yummy Mummy Charm

It’s very much a beauty list. When the new baby is born I am desperate to start feeling like me again, the old me, before P2. The one who looked pretty and cared for her appearance. I know that ultimately it won’t be the first thing on my mind whilst I establish breastfeeding, deal with the postnatal bleeding and juggle three children, but I do want it to be on the high priority list. I do have this awful feeling that P3 will be born on my birthday, just because I now share it with my wedding anniversary.

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  1. Don’t be suckered in by that OPI top coat set. The top coat itself is their bottom of the range one.. Infact to buy all threes seperatly would only cost about £15-18 if you looked in the right places! If you want a decent topcoat you want their RapiDry Top Coat. It’s a thick glossy, hardened, coat. And it lasts forever too!

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