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After the school run this morning I immediately went to our local newsagent to grab myself a copy of the Sevenoaks Chronicle. There outside on a huge poster was the words “Mums’ Charity Buggy Push”. I huge rush of achievement fell over me. I feel so proud to have raised awareness for Bliss and to share our story. Here’s a copy of the article written by Olivia Parish:

“Bliss successfully helped Jodie through ‘terrifying’ time with her premature baby Mother’s big buggy push says thank you to charity
By Olivia Parish

A DUNTON Green mother-of-two held a 5km buggy push through Knole Park this week to raise money for a charity close to her heart.

Jodie Fisher, of London Road, led the walk on Sunday in support of charity Bliss, which aims to provide care to premature and sick babies and their families. The 21-year-old said she wanted to give something back to the charity which helped her through one of the most challenging times in her life.

She said: “I don’t give to any other charity, but Bliss helped me at quite a scary time and I’ve experienced the work that they do.

“My eldest daughter, Freya was born seven weeks prematurely. She wasn’t due until February 2009, but was born on Christmas Eve in 2008.

“The birth was fine, but I was told that Freya kept forgetting to breathe and so she needed special care and had to be kept in an incubator.

“I was only 16 and trying to navigate the emotions of being a new mum as well as being a new mum to a tiny baby strapped up to wires and breathing machinery was overwhelming.

“The hospital weren’t really discussing anything with me and it was terrifying not knowing if she would make the next 24 hours or the 24 hours after that.”

With Freya kept in a hospital incubator for 27 days, Jodie turned to the internet for support.

The former shipping manager who is now a full-time mum told the Chronicle: “I felt very alone sitting next to Freya’s incubator and watching the nurses come and go and so I went online in search of more information – I was just trying to understand whether she would survive – and that’s when I found Bliss.

“Obviously they couldn’t give me a yes or no answer, but they gave me the information and reas-surance I needed to get through those 27 days and I had a whole network of support on their message boards.

“I still go on the website to share my own experiences with others now”

Speaking about the idea behind the buggy push, Jodie, who married husband Karl on her birth-day last year, said: “Before moving to Sevenoaks we lived in Essex and I joined in with a buggy push there.

“I felt inspired to organise an event of my own and when we moved here last year Knole Park seemed like the ideal place to do it.

“We had a beautiful day for the event and the walk itself was quite intimate. I’m really pleased that I’ve still had donations from people who couldn’t make it.

“Hopefully we’ll raise some more.”

Jodie is now 21 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her third daughter.

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Article by Olivia Parish, Thursday 5th June 2014


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