Bliss Buggy Push!

This is a plea… A plea for everyone to dig deep in their pockets (virtual, online pockets) and donate to a charity that is very close to my heart, Bliss.

I don’t normally take part in anything to do with charities. I hate the way they rattle their tins in your face when you walk down the high street or into a shop… But I will always put some monies into a Bliss tin.

As you all know, P1 was born prematurely by 7 weeks. She was tiny and beautiful. She spent 27 days in hospital because she couldn’t breathe on her own. The love and care the hospital gave her is the reason she’s here today.

Bliss isn’t just a charity for prem babies. It’s also for sick babies and the care they need too. It’s also not just the babies that need love and support, us parents need it too. Bliss offer that and I read a lot of leaflets when I was dealing with being a mother to a preemie baby. I want to give something back to them. A thank you for saving my daughter and for saving me!

I’m going to be walking 5km along our local seafront. I would like to raise at least £150. I don’t have long, the walk is on the 29th June!!!

Please please support me and of course Bliss… Use the button below. Thank you so much!!

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  1. A great cause to support – I’ve sponsored 🙂 good luck! xx

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