I’m Featured On Blogger Love

This year I want to dip my toe in the world of creating content for other blogs and not just my own. I have seen many other bloggers do this but have always been scared to approach anyone in case I wasn’t that interesting or my writing wasn’t good enough.

Then I saw a fellow blogger, Emma from Em’s World, create a new blogger showcase. This is a showcase every Friday where she allows bloggers to answer the same 10 questions. This gives her readers a place to find and learn about other bloggers that are not necessarily writing for the same audience.

With all the press at the moment surrounding bloggers, YouTubers and blogging in general, I definitely wanted to take part and contribute to this showcase. I am so pleased she accepted me and my showcase is over on her blog today here so please go and check that out!

That’s all I really have to say. Thank you so much for supporting Emma and myself.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post Jodie! And thank you for the Blogger Love post! It was a pleasure to have you over on my blog 🙂

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