#BLOGMAS Day 13 – Top Gift Ideas for Little Princesses  

It can be a tough job choosing a gift for your daughter, especially if she already owns all the top tech and in vogue gifts out there. So why not give your little girls a gift that will transport them back to your childhood? Just because they might want the latest smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t mean that they can’t truly experience the magic and sparkle of Christmas too. Christmas is a wonderful time for giving and receiving gifts, so it is important that your child is taught about gratitude, and the art of saying thank you. Here are some gift ideas that your child will truly be thankful for.

Little luxuries

As any princess knows, no matter her age, little luxuries go a long way when it comes to comfort, style and keeping up with the latest fashions. From some seriously stylish pyjamas, to a cosy dressing gown and slippers, there are a range of options and alternatives to suit your budget. Check out Primark for fashionable fixes that won’t break the bank, while Cath Kidston and Marks and Spencer offer a range of children’s’ clothing that is both stylish and sophisticated. Be sure to buy any items one size bigger – remember that princesses do have growth spurts!

A practical present

No matter what their interests, any little girl will appreciate a practical present that is picked out with love. So, Christmas is the time to support your little darlings’ interests – in particular if it means that they won’t be glued to their iPad or iPhone. If your daughter is taking a keen interest in gardening, or even horse riding, then why not look as to how you can support her interests. Little green fingered individuals will love their own tools, while aspiring jockeys could receive a few riding lessons as part of their Christmas gift list. Practical presents might be slightly more expensive, but your kids will appreciate your efforts even more than a generic, off the shelf present.

A novelty stocking filler

Christmas presents don’t just stop at the main gift, you will need to prepare your little princesses a stocking too! For the ideal filler that is fun and fashionable, consider giving them Christmas t shirts that they can enjoy during the entire festive period. Other ideal stocking fillers include winter fashion accessories such as socks, hats and gloves. You could also include colouring books and craft kits, so that they can make their own jewellery or colour in their own purses – ideal while you grab a few extra hours shut eye on Christmas day. Or perhaps some board games that the entire family can enjoy. If you want your kids to have the same experience as that of your youth, then a lump of coal or a tangerine are a definite must.

Little divas

Buying for girls that are age five and under can be particularly difficult. You want to make sure that you can buy them a present that will last all year, without breaking the bank in the process. Little divas will love their own home karaoke kit that can be plugged into your TV, or perhaps some cute kitchen accessories so that they can enjoy baking biscuits with Mum and Dad. Any little diva will need the accessories to match too, so make sure that you include some novelty sunglasses or jewellery to finish off any outfit.

As tough as it sounds, your little ones always grow up too fast. So, when it comes to choosing them the perfect gifts, make sure that you balance out their Christmas list with some sentimental and unique gifts. If your little ones are going through a growth spurt, then make sure that any clothing you buy is at least one size larger than they currently use. Don’t forget to prepare your little ones their own stocking either – as this is the ideal way to give them some fun and whimsical presents, that may even remind you of your own childhood too. Be sure to check out what your girls are interested in, as you may be pleasantly surprised that they aren’t after the latest iPad or tablet. Be sure to choose presents that are both tasteful and elegant, after all your little ones do have taste! Remember that you are only young once, so it’s important that your little princesses have a magical and memorable Christmas. Enjoy the day and be thankful for the time that you have together – the best gift of all!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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