#BLOGMAS DAY 19 – Last Minute Learning Resources Gifts

We are in the crucial last days in the lead up to Christmas. This time next week it’ll all be over. Have you got everything? Are you wrapped and ready? Well I’m not and if you are like me, you may need some last minute inspiration. During December we got sent two educational toys to review from Learning Resources.

First up is the Code & Go Robot Mouse. This is a hands on activity game to help encourage children aged five and over to get involved in S.T.E.M learning. For those who are unaware of what that is; it’s a mixture of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths education.

This kit comes with everything you need to learn the basics of coding. It has the board, maze walls, tunnel pieces, cheese, double sided coding cards, sequence cards to track the mouse’s movements towards the cheese and of course Colby the mouse himself.

Setting up the maze base is really easy. You can either create your own pathway or use the coding cards to help you. All the maze walls are simple to fix in place and the tunnels are placed on top. The aim is that you get Colby mouse to the cheese by pressing the buttons in a sequence.

Hubby and I had great fun teaching P3, who is a little young for this, to code Colby correctly. It’s actually much harder to remember what direction or command you’ve requested so having the code sequencing cards is really useful. I found this super entertaining and it’s always good to know that your children are learning something at the same time. We had great fun and this would honestly make a brilliant gift for a school aged child. In fact I may have wrapped it up for a certain middle child of mine that will adore this, I’m just hoping her sister won’t remember.

This Code & Go Robot Mouse costs £54.

The next toy I want to show you is the Primary Science Lab Set. This set is suitable for children aged three and over so perfect for my little preschooler. Ultimately it’s real science tools that are designed for little hands and little minds.

The Lab Set comes with a beakers, a magnifying glass, funnel, pipette, a flask, tweezers, goggles and large and small test tubes with lids. All of the items are really sturdy, made from plastic and I love how bright and colourful each thing is too. This definitely appeals to the younger age bracket.

The set also has activity cards which can be wiped clean, brilliant for doing science experiments. Each card tells you what you will need in regards to the equipment provided and the extras. It has the key science message of the experiment too. On the other side of the card are the instructions for each experiment.

There are activities like making a volcano and seeing if oil is heavier than water. You can also download extra ideas on the Learning Resources website. We actually only had the extras to hand for two of the experiments; Dancing Raisins and Sink or Float. Both were really easy for P3 to do with me, I let her lead on the activity to allow her to get fully involved with it.

I really enjoyed this lab set. It kept P3s focus for such a long time as she explored sinking and floating items. She found the dancing raisins really interesting too, in fact I learned something with that one. The lab set costs £27.50 and would make a great gift, or set to have for a rainy day.

I hope these two products have given you some last minute inspiration. I know that buying for children can be really hard and everything these days seem to be much the same. These two sets are very different and allow children to explore their imaginations and learn at the same time.

Disclosure: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine. It is a collaborative post however all content is of my own.

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  1. I love the coding mouse Jodie – lots of schools do coding now, so I imagine P1 got on with this haha!

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